Saturday, July 11, 2020

3d printed guns frames

3d printed guns have come a long way since the first printed 'Liberator' came out years ago.  Pictures taken from various sources, with link-backs to their original sources where possible.  Also today I learn how to embed micro-blog posts!

3d-printed STR Lower, from facebook.

ares scr-like lower receiver
3d-printed Ares SCR-like lower receiver.  post.

Walther PPK Frame
AR15 lower drilling Jig 3d-printed Skorpion VZ-61 Plastikov AK

Micro-bloggers of interest:
CTRLPew - General 3d printed gun stuff.
Ivan - Creater of the Plastikov AK receiver with videos.
3dprintfreedom - moar stuff.
Vinh - Creator of interesting stuff like the Ares SCR clone lower listed above.