Saturday, May 9, 2020

No one asked for my opinion on Ahmaud Arbery

But here it is anyways.  For the record, I think George Zimmerman was a trigger-happy nutjob looking for trouble. However, the Trayvon Martin case was full of plotholes and false testimonies.  It didn't help that everyone tried to fluff the case up by presenting my boy Tray-Tray as a 9 year old innocent angel and having news media outlets show photos of Zimmerman in photoshopped whiteface with a fake prison uniform and trying to pursue the "evil whiteman vs poor black kid trying to get his life together" narrative.  Let speak Colion Noir, the Official Based Black Guy™ and see what he has to say:

Okay, fair enough.  Colion Noir and lots of right wing boomers are jumping on the "Justice-for-Ahmaud" bandwagon, and I'm okay with that.  I guess it is pretty scary being accosted by two random dudes, and you don't know if they're about to kill you.  If Colion Noir, a law-abiding citizen and licensed gun-owner, is accosted by two randos, then I would stand by him.  But the evidence that Ahmaud probably was up to no good is strong, more so than the Trayvon case.  That doesn't justify shooting him, but it doesn't seem to help a situation when you attack.

Unofficial "facts" which could most likely be bullshit, but for hypotheticals we'll look at them:
  • He was peering into windows of houses in the neighborhood that had been repeatedly burglarized.
  • He was not wearing proper running shoes (or proper running clothes).
  • The two shooters allegedly told him to standby while the police arrived.
  • Attempts to flee.
  • Then proceeded to assault/grab weapon from gunmen.
  • Ahmaud was a long way from home (50+ miles) and had no business being in that area.
Honestly I have nothing intelligent to contribute, lul.  I would not have aggressively pursued a suspect off of my property the way they did.  But Ahmaud Arbery was clearly sketchy AF and was acting mighty suspicious.  I think it's safe to say, judging by his arrest history, he probably wasn't going to be a productive member of society.  Here's a pretty good breakdown video analyzing the video footage.

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