Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Guns, Corona, and Government

Also tips and tricks for surviving this REAL LIFE Corona Virus Zombie Apocalypse!

TheKoba49 on the scene at ground zero.

Colion Noir says "fuck the government," and I whole-heartedly agree. Join your local militia.

James Yeager told you so!

DemCad and the importance of storing canned food.

Cheaper Than Dirt is back at their shekkel-grubbing tricks!

The Firearms Guy on Cheaper than dirt

NeverEnuffAmmo tells CheaperThanDirt where they can take their business.

Bubba Ray Richards Corona Benefit Concert

Bonus - 704 Tactical shows how to make home-made body armor for $12, aka "Dollar Tree Armor". "A hoarder who is defenseless is just holding supplies for those with guns." -Ancient Internet Proverb

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