Friday, February 21, 2020

Can I convert a Sig P320 9mm to .45 ACP? YES. (video)

Q: Can I convert a Sig P320 9mm to .45 ACP?
A: Yes.

I've been looking for an answer to this, and finally found it - Apparently you can! At least, according to this video attached right here, requiring only a few minor, non-permanent modifications.

Summary:  The Sig P320 9/.357/.40 Fire Control Unit (FCU) are the same, utilizing the same internal components and polymer grip module.  Obviously the magazines, slides and barrels are different.

The .45 FCU is almost the same... to a degree.  According to users on the Sig forums, the ejector is shorter on the .45 ACP FCU and the slide catch is modified to accommodate the larger .45-specific magazine on the .45-only grip module.

There's videos and forum posts where .45-P320 owners adapt their calibers down to 9mm with success and 100% functionality, but until the above video there were no reports of the other way around.  It makes you wonder why Sig was hyping the modularity of the P320, only to come out with the .45 and completely create a disconnect in the whole cross-platform modularity thing.

The ejector geometry is different between the 9/357/40 and the 45, but apparently that has little to no affect in simply switching out the slide catch and then switching calibers between the two groups and back.  My guess it affects things in the long run, ie if you shoot 1000 rounds then maybe you'll get an increased chance of malfunction, or maybe the longer ejector causes wear on the 45 slide and the shorter ejector causes increased chance of ejection failure on the smaller calibers.

Or maybe Sig Sauer thinks people are generally stupid (which ain't wrong) and they don't want them switching out semi-critical internal parts and then blaming Sig when it doesn't function properly.

Further, it seems that Sig has abandoned their Sub-Compact line of grip modules as they seem to be sold out everywhere, for the most part.  I suspect they want people to buy their P365 models for conceal carry.  They've already abandoned the P250 and parts are scarce for those now.  Gotta wonder where the P320 will be in five years.  No one is making FCU parts or thirdparty slides as of now, so if Sig abandons the P320 FCU, and the source of sear groups and slides run dry, what will happen to all these 80% frames and the surplus of grip modules and PDW modules?  Yeah, I'm just ranting now.

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