Monday, December 2, 2019

3d Printed Hipoint frame - "Lo Point" (link)

Cool stuff from from a gentleman called ctrlpew - 3d printed .380/9mm frame for the HiPoint.  From Kommando Blog:

The Hi-Point’s recent plunge into meme status may not change much in regard to criminal usage, but there is one saving grace to this handgun that is also the reason behind its infamy. It just “werks”. And it “werks” well. The countless YouTube torture tests prove it. The Hi-Point can withstand situations that would cause other handguns to stop functioning, and endures the abuse with a smile.


The design will be released into the public domain and allow for any and all modifications someone with 3D modeling experience could possibly think of. How do you turn these files into tangible objects? Well with a 3D printer of course!
I guess the sellers got wind of this after the cheap parts kits got bought up because the remaining kits got jacked up to $80-$99 - which is way over-priced (MSRP of a Hipoint is around $120).  If you checked eBay a couple days ago, the slide, barrel and main spring could be had for $25, and the trigger parts assembly for $18 - both with free shipping.  That's $43 total, which is roughly what these kits should cost.  You can still acquire the necessary parts for under $50 if you buy them seperately, so there's that.

Making the Ghetto-Blaster even
more ghetto!

I do like the idea of his plans for future models to have different magazine wells.  Plans for a double-stack magazine-fed model that takes Glock magazines is in the works.  I personally would jump all over this if he made one that took Curio and Relic magazines like the Browning Hi Power, Star Model A/B, or the P08 Luger.

More Coverage here
CtrlPew on Twitter announcing the LoPoint
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Also semi-related, but kind of not really, but this was a meme about a week and a half ago among the gun forum people who wouldn't stop talking about it.  Boogaloo-something-something.  I guess those are like fed-posters or something.  Or maybe feds who are watching your homosexual cat blog and are waiting for you to slip and say something about the upcoming armed insurgency so they can send SWAT in to bust your door in.  I guess I'm trying to stay hip by acknowledging it but don't really care enough to look into it (Urban Dictionary definition).

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