Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Odd things: Mac 11 to AR Upper adapter unit

Saw this odd item - it's an adaptive "middle receiver" from a company called A&S Conversions (Facebook only, apparently) that you place on top of a full-auto MAC 11 to allow placement of an AR15 upper, thereby allowing you to use the full-auto capabilities of the MAC on your upper.

This is probably something that only very few people would actually find useful (ie legal MAC owners) and it would most likely not work on a semi-automatic, hammer-fired MAC, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

Another option that is also being designed is called the Ultimac by RedNeck Engineer, which is a custom-made upper receiver that fits into the MAC receiver.  It has a built-in magazine well and appears to use some AR15 parts.  Video link here.

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