Wednesday, July 24, 2019

(Link) Deterrence Dispensed - 3d Printed Weaponry

Just got back from Syria and I didn't die.  Since my last post I had to take a break from whatever it is I do (usually nothing) and had a nice long discussion with my Imam while touring the middle east, doing secret squirrel stuff.  Anywho, there's an operation calling themselves "Deterrence Dispensed" - obviously a clever play on Cody Wilson's Defense Distributed.  3D printed stuff, to get straight to the point.  The most impressive thing, however is the printed Tec-9 Lower, video below.

Items of interest include:

Freeman's SD9 - 3d Printable SD9 Frame
Freeman's DB380 - 3d Printable DB380 Frame - Interesting to note that these parts kits are cheap on ebay.  Just print a frame out and you're ready to party.
Freeman's 'Ghetto Blaster' - Tec9/AB10 Printable Frame (Glock mag compatible) - Tec 9 that uses Glock mags!  Early frames of these guns have been known to break so it's good that there now exists an infinite supply of replacement frames.
Re-enforced AR15 - using good ol' machinescrews for takedown pins.

Bonus:  There's an amusing fake-news video by some crazy, fifty-something cat lady who's apparently some RT internet "journalist."