Monday, December 2, 2019

3d Printed Hipoint frame - "Lo Point" (link)

Cool stuff from from a gentleman called ctrlpew - 3d printed .380/9mm frame for the HiPoint.  From Kommando Blog:

The Hi-Point’s recent plunge into meme status may not change much in regard to criminal usage, but there is one saving grace to this handgun that is also the reason behind its infamy. It just “werks”. And it “werks” well. The countless YouTube torture tests prove it. The Hi-Point can withstand situations that would cause other handguns to stop functioning, and endures the abuse with a smile.


The design will be released into the public domain and allow for any and all modifications someone with 3D modeling experience could possibly think of. How do you turn these files into tangible objects? Well with a 3D printer of course!
I guess the sellers got wind of this after the cheap parts kits got bought up because the remaining kits got jacked up to $80-$99 - which is way over-priced (MSRP of a Hipoint is around $120).  If you checked eBay a couple days ago, the slide, barrel and main spring could be had for $25, and the trigger parts assembly for $18 - both with free shipping.  That's $43 total, which is roughly what these kits should cost.  You can still acquire the necessary parts for under $50 if you buy them seperately, so there's that.

Making the Ghetto-Blaster even
more ghetto!

I do like the idea of his plans for future models to have different magazine wells.  Plans for a double-stack magazine-fed model that takes Glock magazines is in the works.  I personally would jump all over this if he made one that took Curio and Relic magazines like the Browning Hi Power, Star Model A/B, or the P08 Luger.

More Coverage here
CtrlPew on Twitter announcing the LoPoint
Related: Mac Daddy 3d Printed Mac-11 with AR15 FCG group (coming soon)

Also semi-related, but kind of not really, but this was a meme about a week and a half ago among the gun forum people who wouldn't stop talking about it.  Boogaloo-something-something.  I guess those are like fed-posters or something.  Or maybe feds who are watching your homosexual cat blog and are waiting for you to slip and say something about the upcoming armed insurgency so they can send SWAT in to bust your door in.  I guess I'm trying to stay hip by acknowledging it but don't really care enough to look into it (Urban Dictionary definition).

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Odd things: Mac 11 to AR Upper adapter unit

Saw this odd item - it's an adaptive "middle receiver" from a company called A&S Conversions (Facebook only, apparently) that you place on top of a full-auto MAC 11 to allow placement of an AR15 upper, thereby allowing you to use the full-auto capabilities of the MAC on your upper.

This is probably something that only very few people would actually find useful (ie legal MAC owners) and it would most likely not work on a semi-automatic, hammer-fired MAC, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

Another option that is also being designed is called the Ultimac by RedNeck Engineer, which is a custom-made upper receiver that fits into the MAC receiver.  It has a built-in magazine well and appears to use some AR15 parts.  Video link here.

Friday, October 25, 2019

News - Cody Wilson actually did nothing wrong

Well this is certainly something. Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed is back and agreed to a plea deal - link: Washington Beacon and Arstechnica.
Gun-rights activist Cody Wilson told the Washington Free Beacon he will be returning to Defense Distributed, a company that manufactures machines that make gun parts, after striking a plea deal in his sex-crime case

Amid this legal controversy, Wilson was accused of paying $500 to a girl under the age of 17 for sex through a website in August 2018.

In September 2019, the judge in Wilson's case accepted a plea deal which reduced the charge to injury to a child. Under the plea deal, first published by Ars Technica, Wilson was sentenced to no prison time but must register as a sex offender, attend sex offender therapy, pay a $1,200 fine, and refrain from contacting the victim, among other conditions.
Actually there is more to it than that:
After his arrest on charges of sexual assault against a minor in September 2018, Wilson had made a plea deal with the state ahead of his initial court appearance last month. Now it's official: Wilson will serve seven years of deferred adjudication probation and register as a sex offender. He'll pay a $1,200 fine and $4,840 in restitution to the victim. He must complete 475 hours of community service and continue to attend sex offender therapy. And during this probation period, his keystrokes will be monitored, he will not be allowed to possess firearms, he cannot drink alcohol or use narcotics, and he must inform the court if he has children during that time. (His former company, Defense Distributed and the associated Ghost Gunner, Inc., had formally cut ties long ago.)
The above was from Arstechnica.  From the mouth of the whore-mother:
This is an impossible task. Somehow I am supposed to make a statement that fully explains your actions, but my truth is over a year ago, I always hold in my hand, the minute you paid my daughter for what you did to her...
The investigation period was terrifying. Reading who you are and what you believe in created a very real and reasonable fear for our family and everyone in it. So I would take pictures of her every time she left my car in the months leading up to the case just in case I had to ID what she was last wearing...

Our daily life was shattered, but she never wavered from the truth. Once she knew who you are and what you did, she never wavered. She remembers the gun you put in her hands and the feeling of your skin. But you ran, despite the publicity you have always been seeking from your fans and followers, you ran. You hid in a foreign airport and only came back because you were made to. She stood up in a public forum despite talk of conspiracies and setups...

I pray that you will not be killed, especially that you will not be killed by a gun... The truth is you are now hiding behind the laws of the country you mocked for years. But the biggest truth is my daughter is strong, vibrant, and has a beautiful future. And I speak this truth in front of you because that's the most important truth in all of this.
 Why is the victim's mother speaking out?  The alleged "victim" is an adult now - old enough to smoke, join the military and buy a rifle in the state of Texas.  Originally she willingly went on a site for adults and lied about her age so she could whore herself for money online.  The whole thing is a setup.
"Obviously I regret it happening," Wilson said. "It was a massive distraction. But, in order to feel guilty, you have to have a criminal mind. You have to know you were committing a crime."

Wilson insisted that despite laws that prohibit felons and others from owning firearms and previous reports to the contrary, he would still be able to possess them.

"I'm definitely not a prohibited person," he said. "I haven't taken a conviction. There's no felony record. Travis County doesn't treat me as having lost my voting or my firearms rights."

"Even if I wasn't allowed to own firearms, I could still run this company," he added. "This company deals with software and components that aren't firearms."
 Not sure how true that statement about not being a felon is, but if so, good for him.  The guy is a self-described anarchist so maybe the statement (along with the above comment about not feeling guilty and this case being a distracting waste of time) is just simply sort of a 'fuck you' to The Man and the whore and her mother.

Meanwhile, Defense Distributed released a bizarre, art short featuring their desktop CNC gun-making machine: The Ghost Gunner 3.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Beto makes example out of Kent State victim

What a terrible way to make a point.  The Kent State University protestors were unarmed when they were shot by the National Guard in 1970.  What is the significance of this visit?  What exactly is the message Beto trying to make with this visit?  "Hell yes we're going to take your guns - and if you resist?  Well, you'll end up with some extra holes like my good friend Alan Canfora here, courtesy of Uncle Sam."
KENT, Ohio -- Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke spoke Wednesday evening at Kent State University about his plans to confiscate assault-style rifles, reform immigration and forgive student loans.
The former Texas congressman spoke on the plaza in front of KSU’s Student Center about how he felt compelled to address gun-violence and racism after the Aug. 3 mass shooting in his hometown of El Paso.
“White supremacists must become the number-one domestic law enforcement priority in the United States of America,” he said.
I get the feeling Beto is one of the crowd that proclaims "only the police and military should have guns," which is ironic because the gun violence of Kent State was caused by the very people who were confiscating guns after hurricane Katrina.
“Alan Canfora was willing to sacrifice his life to make sure that this country did the right thing,” O’Rourke said. Canfora and others like him are “owed credit” for ending the United States’ involvement in Vietnam.
Alan Canfora is a 50 year professional victim and a self-proclaimed "Kent State Tragedy Expert" who dedicated his entire life to... being an unemployed hippy.  But on the bright side he is always available for hire to give lectures and speeches and he will even perform at cocktail parties and bar mitzvahs.

Colion Noir puts it more elegantly than I ever could so I had to post it again:

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

(Link) Deterrence Dispensed - 3d Printed Weaponry

Just got back from Syria and I didn't die.  Since my last post I had to take a break from whatever it is I do (usually nothing) and had a nice long discussion with my Imam while touring the middle east, doing secret squirrel stuff.  Anywho, there's an operation calling themselves "Deterrence Dispensed" - obviously a clever play on Cody Wilson's Defense Distributed.  3D printed stuff, to get straight to the point.  The most impressive thing, however is the printed Tec-9 Lower, video below.

Items of interest include:

Freeman's SD9 - 3d Printable SD9 Frame
Freeman's DB380 - 3d Printable DB380 Frame - Interesting to note that these parts kits are cheap on ebay.  Just print a frame out and you're ready to party.
Freeman's 'Ghetto Blaster' - Tec9/AB10 Printable Frame (Glock mag compatible) - Tec 9 that uses Glock mags!  Early frames of these guns have been known to break so it's good that there now exists an infinite supply of replacement frames.
Re-enforced AR15 - using good ol' machinescrews for takedown pins.

Bonus:  There's an amusing fake-news video by some crazy, fifty-something cat lady who's apparently some RT internet "journalist."