Saturday, November 10, 2018

List of .45 ACP bolts and magwells (Links)

Warning: Article may contain obnoxious gun snobbery!

For the longest time, the only way to build a .45 ACP AR15 was through Olympic Arms.  Not a fan of this setup because:
  1. Ugly, proprietary magazines
  2. Weird barrel extension with funneled, inset breechface
That barrel extension is problematic because only Olympic Arms actually sells those barrels and their prices are way too high.  The two-piece nature of the barrel with threaded extension ensures that they will stay high because no one is going to bother with the complex machining required to manufacture these barrel assemblies.  Another thing I don't like is that there is a long jump from the magazine to the chamber.  The extension is funneled to assist with feeding and I've never heard of feeding issues with this, but I don't like it.  From a design perspective it just seems like there has to be a better solution.

On the plus side, you don't need a magazine well adapter and the ejector is built into the upper receiver so the upper receiver simply drops right it and you're ready to fire.  I assume it uses standard length AR15 firing pins, so uh, I guess that's a bonus too.

NFA Direct Blowback .45ACP BCG
Glock magazines are more common place now and almost standard these days for pistol caliber carbines.  There are AR lowers with built-in Glock magwells (the mag-well adapters for standard AR15s are for 9mm and .40 only), so now more online shops are producing .45 ACP bolt carrier groups.  Macon Armory sells an impingement .45 upper, but not the BCG and barrel assembly, so I'm not including them in the list.

.45 ACP Bolt Carrier Groups:
  • OlyArms - $150 - Not compatible with any barrel except Olympic Arms.  Oh yeah, the magazines cost $45 and the extension is $40.  They won't sell the barrel by itself, so I hope you have access to a lathe.
  • New Frontier Armory - $149 - "Standard" .45 ACP BCG.  This is the lowest price I've seen on a .45 BCG.  Glock-compatable.
  • Macon .45 ACP Blowback Bolt - $169 - The url says 9mm but the title says .45 ACP and there's no picture.  I dunno - these guys are pretty sketchy.  Glock-compatable.
  • Quarter Circle - $260 - That's way too much money for a BCG, but I'm listing it here for the giggles.
  • JSE Surplus - $195 - Standard .45 ACP BCG.  Has a titanium firing pin.  My only experience with titanium firing pins is that it's expensive and brittle.
.45 ACP drop-in magazine well adapters:
  • Torkmag 1911 Adapter - Price Unknown - Torkmag announced a 1911 magazine adapter back in February 2018.  Still waiting for news of this to come out.  They stated it would be sold by Brownells.
  • USC45 - $177.50 - I don't ever see myself owning an HK product.  The only reason to own this is if you already have HK magazines (presumably because you own a HK USC/UMP45 already), otherwise the only cheap magazines for this are produced by Promag which are not known for quality.
  • Hahn Precision Grease Gun adapter - $85 - Seems cheap, but it's currently out of stock.  I'm not sure how available greasegun magazines are, but they seem to be always out of stock when I see them online.
  • Macon Armory - $175 - More proprietary magazine bullshit.  They sell a blowback version and direct impingement version.  The latter is the exact same as the blowback one but without the ejector, so you're getting ripped off on a $10 piece of metal.  The magazine capacities are 10 and 20 rounds, so there's no capacity advantage over the Glock and UMP adapters.  At least with the UMP magazines, they'll always be available where-as Macon Magazines will be impossible to find when this company goes under.

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