Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How about a Pump Action AR? (links)

I live in the free state of Texas, so I'm not sure why I would want one.  But I do want one.  It's stupid and pointless, but there is something satisfying about that manually reloading that next round.  I'm mostly posting this as a sort of reminder - a reminder that maybe when I'm slightly richer, less wiser and have free money to blow on stupid shit I'll buy one.  But not now...

Troy Pump-Action Upper (PAR) - Not an AR15, but shares similar parts.  Does not take AR15 uppers as it uses it's own proprietary upper receiver, making this product completely miss the point.  Actually, the real point of this was for people in states where semi-automatic AR15s are banned but want the same setup and feel as an AR15.  Also I believe it takes STANAG magazines.  $750 from Cabela's.  Troy also makes a version of this in .308 and for $850

Animus Pump Action AR15 upper kit - This kit costs $410 and is basically just a handgaurd with a slot cut through it for the pump mechanism which connects with the connecting rod that's welded to the modified gas key.  No barrel, no upper, no bolt carrier group.  Seems pretty pricey for something that any bubba could make in his garage.

Bentwood AR Kit - link from 2014.  AR15 pump-action upper kit similar to above but with no handguard and more traditional-looking fore-end.  The company and it's dealers seem to be defunct.  Cost was $350 at the time of writing.

ComGraf's Pump Action conversion kit - Same setup as above but this looks to have a lower profile, more streamlined and is only $350.  Doesn't seem to have a freefloat tube.  Requires a bull barrel to be used.  Quality looks nicer and does not have obnoxious welding and machining from what I can tell.

ComGraf's Pump Action .308 conversion kit - $900, same manufacturer as above and comes with a barrel.  Comgraf and Troy seem to be the only game in town if you want a .308 pump-action Armalite-type rifle.  Seems pointless to buy this if the Troy complete .308 rifle is $50 cheaper, but again, maybe you hate proprietary stuff like me.