Tuesday, July 10, 2018

DIY nightvision scope kit (link)

Saw this on Amazon while looking for a mounted IR illuminator.  A home-made nightvision scope kit.

DIY night vision scope

It works on the principal that most cheap consumer electronic photo cameras have innate nightvision capabilities, but are fitted with filters to get rid of unwanted light sources (such as infrared).  From what I can tell the kit is just a stripped camera sensor mounted to the scope, an IR illuminator with cheap-o mount, and a battery pack/LCD screen combo that mounts on top of the scope.

It's a neat kit and I am a fan of home-made stuff, but I feel like such a contraption is unwieldy for any rifle.  I considered buying it just to slap together and use it as a night vision viewer thing, but you can buy a NV monocular starting at $90.  Curiously, there is also a 5x monocular with a rail underneath and recording capabilities for $150.  For $300 you could get yourself a proper entry-level night vision scope (which has been known to go on sale for $250 at times).

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