Friday, April 6, 2018

Interesting new gun parts source - "Every Gun Part"

Saw someone on WeaponsGuild link to this website called and what is interesting is that they sell almost complete parts kits for common guns, minus the complete receiver.  What's more interesting is that the receivers are cleanly demilled and the pieces of receiver are included with the set, most of the time.

Not sure under what circumstance these kits were acquired from or why they needed to be chopped up (I noticed that some shotguns and rifles had the stock chopped off like something you would see on the COPS tv show).  Maybe someone acquired them at a police auction for cheap and needed to sell them but didn't have a federal firearms licence?  In that case, it would not have been worth it to do paperwork, open a gunshop, and sell the complete firearm for an additional $50-100 profit when there are willing buyers online for this kind of stuff.  Additionally, they might have had to wait 5 months for the FFL application to go through.

It's a shame that the receivers had to be chopped up, but I would love to have gotten my hands on that near complete Tec-9 kit for $150.  Or that Colt 1911 kit with demilled frame for $290 - I would have used the frame as a base for my 1911 dominator single shot or my Safari Arms Survivor and sold the rest of the parts to get my money back.  Some of those chopped up break-open single shot actions would be pretty easy to repair, I imagine.  And that Bushmaster demilled lower receiver - I could have made two seperate lower receivers from those!

AR15 kit with demilled lower receiver

Colt 1911 parts kit with demilled frame

Mac10 parts kit with demilled frame

Ruger 22 lr pistol with demilled upper receiver

Tec9 parts kit, near complete minus receiver

So yeah - because this stuff is relevant to my interests, I'm basically shilling for these guys.  I haven't ordered from them yet but they look pretty legit.  Since I've been life-sentenced to my barracks (per Marine Corps base order), NCIS is probably still watching me (I'm a very interesting guy, don'tcha know), otherwise I would have bought up all these kits to supplement my partially complete parts kits at home and sold the extra duplicate parts.

Le Happy Merchant

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