Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Video - An affordable bulletproof shield

When ever I saw footage of the house-to-house raiding in Iraq on the telly, I always thought it would be useful to bring some type of personal bullet proof shield.  Around the time of the Battle of Fallujah (The first one and the expansion pack), commercial bullet-proof shields costed about $2000-$3000 - or about three times the amount an enlisted boot made per month in 2004.  Today, they still cost upwards of $3500.

The one in the video below is the Hardcore Defense Alpha Shield available for $300, available in either left or right hand and rated for up to IIIa which means it will stop most pistol rounds up to 44 magnum.  It's made of a hardened steel similar to AR500 plates.  The Demolition Ranch video demonstrates that it's capable of stopping a little bit more than that, although I would have liked to have seen 7.62 Tokarev, 7.62x39, 5.56 Nato and other rounds used by our enemies.  Pretty sure .308 and 7.62x54 would blow right through it though.

Interesting commentary on getting struck by
bullets with the shield equipped.
I know that personal weapons aren't typically allowed by regular troops, but I don't see why a personal shield would be disallowed, other than being too big, cumbersome and probably blocking the user's field of vision somewhat.  Some modifications i'd like to see made to this would be to make a smaller version of this.  Maybe one with straps that can be worn on the back like a backpack, kind of like Captain America, I guess.  Also make it wrist-mounted and make it so you can use a rifle with it.  Oh yeah, add some molle loops - because you can never find a molle loop when you're mad.  Aditionally, the reason for the molle is that if you're gonna wear it like a backpack, you might as well carry gear in it and honestly - you'll probably look like a mall-ninja idiot carrying a shield around.  The molle and straps would be to disguise it as a backpack.
Strike Industries almost makes something that matches my description - The SI Simple Plate Carrier.  It was $40 when I bought it on Amazon but now it's $135 - and it doesn't even come with a plate.  Those lousy cunts.  Using it as a shield is dumb - the shield handle is quite flimsy and I'd be pissed if I spent $135 + shipping on this garbage.  I pretty much use mine for toting my tablet or small laptop to Starbucks.

Enjoy some pictures of bullet proof shields that I found on the web via Google.
ballistic mat shield
Ballistic mat.  I guess someone somewhere has a use for it.
gign soldiers with shield
Tactical frogs with shield.
Hongkong police with shield
Hong Kong police with shield.
police with ballistic shield
Looks interesting.  I'd want one in metal.
Robo Level3 ballistic shield
Robo Level3 ballistic shield.
counterstrike bullet proof shield
Remember bullet proof shields from Counterstrike?
They're back.  In pogue form.

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