Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Video - IFC .410 shotshell Upper Receiver Unit (ARU)

I know, unboxing videos are pretty gay, however - I was short on time.  I found that when filming "unboxing videos" it's easier to put thoughts, ideas, closeups, videostills, clips, voiceovers, first impressions etc. in as few takes as possible and edit them in one go later on.

Also known as the International Firearms Corporation (IFC) .410 Shotshell ARU/ARUM Upper. AKA Iron Armi .410 Upper (according to CheaperThanDirt which is apparently run by morons and you should NOT buy from them because they're overpriced).  Also they claim it's made by ATI but it's not - more mis-information from these idiots at CheaperThanDirt.  Interestingly, ATI did import the SafirArms T-14 in 2010 which I believe is more or less the same upper.  The ATI Omni .410 magazines will not work in the IFC upper (have not actually tried this).

GunBlast review - Good look at the Safir ATI-T14 which I believe is the same upper.
CenterfireSystems - Available for sale here
GunsMidwest - Also available here.
International Firearms Corporation - Official Documentation

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  1. I'm fairly certain this is a Safir T14 with some improvements made to it. The upper isn't as tall as the Safir T14, which was about a half inch taller than a standard AR upper. BTW, ATI's Omni Hybrid 15 round magazines will run in my T14 about as well as Safir 13 round magazines did, which wasn't so great. But they do run. ATI's 5 round magazine won't work for me, too much spring pressure forces the round hard against the bolt and it won't slide forward. The ATI and IFC both look pretty much the same, all based on the T14 so I'm not sure where ATI's "patent pending" crap is coming from, they either bought or stole the design from Safir...


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