Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Dangerous Precedent - The drama behind Daily Stormer

"If you're not outraged, you're not
paying attention." -Andrew Anglin,
Internet Philosopher
I was going to put a disclaimer about how I’m not a Nazi and I don’t endorse Nationalist ideology, but then I thought “whatever, I don’t care at this point,” and neither do the cowards wearing masks at the anti-speech counter-protests. The far left Antifa along with George Soros-backed, non-profit groups like the SPLC are already branding people as“Nazis” who don’t fall within their beliefs, including NRA members, 3 Percenters, and Patriots. Charlie Hebdo thinks that the Texas flood victims are Nazis and even gay jew Milo has been branded a Nazi.  If supporting the Constitution and American values brands one as a Nazi, then wear the label as a badge of honor (or not).  I just think this is an important issue that needs to be addressed by everyone, and if you don't think so, well maybe you're the Nazi.  Did you ever think of that, huh toughguy?
Maybe being born a Nazi is kind of like being born gay
 or black - it's a part of who you are, so just embrace it!
The TL;DR gist of it is that the Nazi comedy site was the first website to be effectively banned from "The Internet" as we know it, all because of a fat joke. It all started in Charlottsville, where one group had a permit to protest a statue’s removal. This group was reported to consist of “Nazis,” but there were also 3 Percenters, NRA members, Patriots, Confederate heritage groups, Alt-Righters, and in general people that just wanted to keep a damn statue that hasn’t bothered anyone for 100 years. A counter-protester (who had no business being there) was was killed by a mentally-ill individual (an infiltrator, if you will) and two police officers were killed in a separate helicopter accident.
Who could possibly behind all this!??
The fact is these deaths never would have happened if the mayor and state didn’t react the way they did. The counter-protesters shouldn’t have even been there in the first place. The media reported these counter-protesters were “peacefully protesting,” but clearly came armed with baseball bats, clubs, knives, and mace. That would be like Klansmen “peacefully” counter-protesting the Million Man March while armed and claiming “it’s to defend themselves just in case MLK and Co. decide to get violent.”

Shut what down?
I don't get this meme.
Immediately, satire/news commentator Andrew Anglin from picked up this story and made a fat joke about Heather Heyer being a fat, childless slob - which is technically true. Complaints on Twitter compelled GoDaddy to remove Anglin’s website, giving them 24 hours to find a new domain host. It was reported they were automatically switched to Google (which doesn’t make sense, because Google services such as Blogger uses GoDaddy to host domains) and promptly banned again. This happened several times with several domain variants and services, with wildly differing reasons and excuses as to why he was banned, ranging from “Inciting Violence” to DdoS-ing his own website.  Eventually DailyStormer was forced to the Tor darkweb.

What GoDaddy and Cloudflare did to target Andrew is very Nazi-like (if a such a concept even exists). A mom-n-pop bakery lost a lawsuit for refusing to bake a “gay” weddingcake, but GoDaddy putting up with complaints about a Nazi comedy site for four years and suddenly turning when they make fun of some fat chick is somehow ok.

More recently, Stormfront just got dumped by their registrar after 22 or so years. So now these questions remain: Why start the purge of free speech now after all this time? Does Andrew Anglin or Stormfront still retain control of their respective domain names and just simply needs to find a new willing domain host? Did the registrars outright steal their domain names (update: yes, they did)? Did he get refunded by all these services? Could registrars or even companies looking to steal domains use “hate speech” or general Terms of Service violations as a backdoor to steal valued domain names?

Does ICANN even have a duty to allow hatespeech from these types of groups? If not, why give pedophiles, ANTIFA riot collaborators and Islamic extremist groups a platform, but single out white supremacy? You can’t have it both ways.

“Charlie Hebdo” magazine, which was unknown by most people until they got shot up by a bunch of anti-speech terrorists, just published a magazine cover depicting Houston flood victims as Nazis.  It's actually pretty amusing considering how diverse Houston is.  Incensitive, yes, moreso than insulting a single person - but not grounds for termination.
Translation: “God Exists! He Drowned
All the Neo-Nazis of Texas!”
Take that you evil Nazis!
In the meantime, I foresee Tor being the next big thing and now it is more important than ever to start investing in BitCoin and Litecoin. Just dropping $100 on Bitcoin and Litecoin now and forgetting about it for a while, it’s likely to increase in value over the next few years, which can be spent fighting anti-speech groups like SPLC (or arming and training your local militia).

Random musing: My staff-seargent gave a speech at the end-of-class ceremony several months ago. He talked for about six or seven minutes and when he meant to mention the 14 month course, he instead inadvertantly said “14 Words” – a reference to the 14 Words. Pretty sure only a Nazi would know something like that, moreso actually say it out loud on accident.

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