Saturday, June 24, 2017

(link) Another pinewood AR15 spotted!

Saw this on The Firearm Blog - another pinewood 2x4 AR15 lower has been built.  I've seen some of these before (links at end of post), and while interesting, I always dismissed them because there's no way that wood can stand up to the stress of semi-automatic recoil.  This build is strictly a straight-pull, manually-cycled rifle, but I think it could work as a semi-auto if he added sheet metal along the length of the 2x4 on both sides.  You would have to use a carbine buffertube so you could run machinescrews through stock adjustment rail.

Picture from The Firearm Blog.
See also:
Plywood AR15 Lower - Index of WinterSoldier's posts on his plywood build.  Very good and detailed build overview.
Orion Hammer's Milled 2x4 Lower - Ironically located on Weaponeer's messageboard that no one reads.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Video - Why the USS Gabrielle Giffords?

I usually skip over Yankee Marshal's rants, but the title of this latest one had my attention.  So why is there a US Navy ship named after Gabrielle Giffords?  I agree it would be in poor taste to say "because she didn't duck, lol" but that's literally the truth.  Her big lifetime achievement is that she survived a targeted assassination attempt and didn't die.

Have some comments section highlights because I'm not a clever girl.

I'm still waiting on my Navy Achiement Medal for making coffee that one time.