Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Video - Polish Berserker Homemade Rifle


Interesting concept from a YouTuber called focusofdarkness.  It's a direct blow-back weapon that uses AK-47 magazines.  Due to his laws about not being allowed to buy gun powder, the chambering is a 7.62x39 steel casing hollowed out for nail-firing blank cartridges for ignition and uses regular 123gr bullets.  He states ballistics are similar to 9x19mm.

Seems like a lot of work went into the sights and trigger mechanism for what is essentially a throw-away gun to acquire better weapon, from a government-resistance standpoint.

I guess I always take for granted how ammunition and components are, for the most part, readily available around here.  That may not always be the case in some parts of the world, however.  I should probably research some kind of simple blowback weapon that uses straight-walled cases loaded with blackpowder, both of which I think are more universally procurable.  I've previously demonstrated that a Mauser Broomhandle will function for at least 30-50 rounds using blackpowder before seizing up.

More videos from the same channel:

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