Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Video - Polish Berserker Homemade Rifle


Interesting concept from a YouTuber called focusofdarkness.  It's a direct blow-back weapon that uses AK-47 magazines.  Due to his laws about not being allowed to buy gun powder, the chambering is a 7.62x39 steel casing hollowed out for nail-firing blank cartridges for ignition and uses regular 123gr bullets.  He states ballistics are similar to 9x19mm.

Seems like a lot of work went into the sights and trigger mechanism for what is essentially a throw-away gun to acquire better weapon, from a government-resistance standpoint.

I guess I always take for granted how ammunition and components are, for the most part, readily available around here.  That may not always be the case in some parts of the world, however.  I should probably research some kind of simple blowback weapon that uses straight-walled cases loaded with blackpowder, both of which I think are more universally procurable.  I've previously demonstrated that a Mauser Broomhandle will function for at least 30-50 rounds using blackpowder before seizing up.

More videos from the same channel:

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Tribute to War Hero Kim Dozier

Oh, those brave journalists - risking their lives through gunfire and fighting ISIS to bring us the daily news so that we'd have something to stare at while at the gym - how heroic! I'm so thankful to have these brave men and women serving us so valiantly.  Someone give them a Medal of Honor.  A Florida mayor merely makes a joke about pointing weapons and the MSM explodes, invoking a journalist's fabricated flashbacks of dodging enemy fire and rescuing kittens in battle that really happened!

From the Tampa Bay Times:
But some journalists in the room said they weren’t being thin-skinned. No skin is thick enough to stop a bullet or bomb blast, something Daily Beast national security reporter Kim Dozier knows all too well.
It was real... in my mind!
In 2006, she was nearly killed in a car bombing that took the life of the U.S. Army officer her team was filming Capt. James Alex Funkhouser, along with his Iraqi translator and Dozier’s CBS colleagues Paul Douglas and James Brolan.
As someone who had been under fire once or twice, and lost two colleagues to a car bomb in Iraq that nearly killed me, I didn’t appreciate the remarks,” said Dozier, who wrote a book about her experiences and efforts to recover. “The mayor probably didn’t realize how many of the reporters in the room had risked their lives to bring Americans the story of U.S. troops in the field, including veterans-turned-journalists with prior special ops service.
I guess it's true what they say about PTSD these days - anyone and everyone wants to cash in on the PTSD craze, one way or another.  It's basically the new self-diagnosed ADD meme.  I work in a military clinic and see all sorts of phonies who have never left the wire get medically discharged and receive VA compensation for falsified PTSD claims.  It's a rather neat scam for those that get it working, I think.  I guess it can help sell books too.

I mean sheeeit - I got shot at once but I ain't finna publish a damn book on it (maybe just a post on some shit blog that only third-world resistance fighters read, though).
Max Payne - Copyright to me IRL, IMO.
It's actually a funny story by the way, thanks for asking - I was literally building a wall in Sombrero County, Texas for a few dollars MOAR, when suddenly a LVL 1 Mexican Cartel thug opened fire on me.  Aside from the subsequent hospitalization due to stupidly Max Payne diving into a pointy pile of rocks, it was actually a pretty cool experience now that I think back on it.  So the next time some asshole Gunnery Sgt asks me what the hell do I know about anything because I've never been shot at, I can reply that I have indeed been there/done that, and that I can honestly recommended it. 10/10 - would do again!

Journalistic visions of heroic grandeur trivializes the death of BigBoss's mentor - A HERO who SAVED THE WORLD, God dammit!

These are the real men who fought and died on the battlefield.

yo dawg i heard you like memes
flashback memes
Ay, pappi.

"These pseudo-journalists would die quickly if they found themselves anywhere else in the world."