Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rant - Gary "Weaponeer" Graham - Scammer

(09-Sept-2019) Update:  I thought this was over and done with - I don't give a shit about this clownshoe and there are better forums out there - but Weaponeer responded in my comments section calling this post a lie without any supporting evidence. I responded back and added two new links to bottom of post.  Weaponeer.net is dead for good and there is really nothing more that needs to be said.  I'ma just leave this post here.

So this guy Gary “Weaponeer” Graham of weaponeer.net has been sending out mass emails at the end of every month for the past year, soliciting donations for his website, which he claims is the "premiere home gunsmithing site."  On November 27, Weaponeer spammed his forum goers with eight of the same pathetic emails throughout the course of the day.  Is this fool serious?

Stop spamming me, asshole!
In his latest spam broadcast, he claims that he has made several “personal sacrifices” to keep the website up, such as eating a month’s worth of Ramen noodles in order to save money to keep the website running.  He also mentions he was hospitalized ten years ago due to frostbite on his foot because he coudn’t pay his gas bill one winter, implying he was busy paying hosting fees instead of keeping himself aliveOh how valiant of you, Gary - putting an online forum first over your own health.  You truely are an American Hero.  This spineless worm faked a medical claim to the VA so he could collect compensation and wouldn't have to work for the rest of his life and buy more worthless shit – of course he won’t mention that in his email.

November 27 letter.
There doesn’t seem to be any way to unsubscribe from his pathetic pleas for help, by the way.  Despite going to the forum, logging in and clicking “unsubscribe” from emails I still receive these emails.
No. Seriously.  Fuck off.

Why should I donate money to this forum when he can barely manage his own worthless self?  On top of that this guy has a history of e-begging and always he asks for large amounts of money at the very last minute.  It's absolutely pathetic.

Gary, you've given it over ten years and I have come to the conclusion that online forum managament is not for you  – so here is my donation to Weaponeer.net: some useful ideas!  Here’s how you can make money to support your website and forums and have some money left over to not die IRL:
  • Use the money that you stole from countless other customers that you ripped off because you never sent the goods.  How about use that money to support the website and not spend it on more fucking guns that you don’t need.
  • Better yet: Return the money to all the customers that you ripped off, possibly reconciling with the online gun forum community, thus getting a wider userbase.  Just maybe you can squeeze more dollars out of a wider audience.
  • Remove all the worthless forum bloatware that noone uses (user blogs and an arcade? What the fuck) to save bandwidth.
  • Consolidate the unnecessary 50+ subforums that nobody looks at to save more bandwidth.
  • Sell your fucking guns that you don’t need because apparently you need to pay utilities in order to not die.
  • Use that expensive machineshop of yours to create products we want and sell them on an online shop...
Shame on ME for not helping Gary
run his business for him!
Wait – what?  What do you mean you need $195 to open the online store?  Are you telling me I need to donate money for the “privilege” of buying something from your store?  Why would anyone want to donate money to someone just so you can re-open an online store and sell me stuff that may or may not be delivered?  Do you even understand the concept of running a business?

Or is it perhaps because private online storefronts don’t want anything to do with a known scammer.

"Premiere" my ass.  Weaponeer is not
Premiere anything.
I don’t even post on Weaponeer.net anymore just due to the sheer inactivity.  He gets two new posts on a dead day and maybe ten posts on a busy day.  That's 300 posts on a good month.  That should not cost $200 a month to operate. Hell, that shouldn't even cost $100 and if it does, that's easily be covered by a single person.  Gary is an obnoxious, arrogant jackass who has squandered countless opportunities to raise money for the website and instead resorts to constant e-begging.  CalGuns has a more streamlined forum with an active community and I ain’t even from California.

Gary Graham is a pathetic worm.  If he can’t take care of himself, maybe he should be sent to a home, courtesy of Uncle Sam.  Shit, I’ll donate money to that.  Using his status as a veteran to beg for money on the internet and shaming his followers because he can’t manage his own weak body’s health or his own forums is a bloody embarassment.  Gary is a disgrace to veterans everywhere.

I don't know what event's lead to Greg Clark's banning,
but Gary left some childish messages on his profile page AND reduced
his post count.
"Be sure to buy my complete series
on VHS today for the low price of $299!"
  • Weaponeer Horror Stories - Why Gary Graham is a scammer and should not be trusted with your money.
  • Weaponeer.net - Now defunct website in question.
  • CalGuns - Premiere gun discussion website that you should go to instead of weaponeer.
  • WeaponsGuild - I'm probably going to get banned for my scathing review on the Prexis sidefed, but I still recommend this place because ILU all.
  • Post by Weaponeer begging - He tries to scam google ad sense system and tells his sad story again.
  • Reddit post explaining Weaponeer.net being down - Quote: "That guy was & is a retard! Many people including myself have tried to help him out of his situation. He seems to be happier to let the site die then accept any help other then cold hard CASH."


  1. More trolls, more lies, and more pathetic liars that don't know what they are talking about. and this right from the source.

  2. Howdy, Weaponeer! I'm glad you finally got around to reading this between your busy schedule of eating Ramen noodles, freezing in the cold, hitch-hiking, and whatever sad stories you have publicized about yourself.

    I don't appreciate you coming here and calling me a liar and a troll. I was in a bad mood when I wrote this because of your spam, but everything I wrote here is true and I even backed it up with screenshots.

    You have a bad attitude and that's what really got Weaponeer taken down. I hope you remember that when you grow up to be a real man.

    Cody AKA "GabeisFat"


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