Thursday, June 16, 2016

RE: Orlando Shooter; Alligator eats child

Two conflicting quotes on the Orlando shooter and proposed laws:
"He was born in Queens, N.Y. just like Donald was himself. Muslim bans and immigration reforms would not have stopped him, they would not have saved a single life in Orlando." - Hillary Clinton
 From California:
...But lawmakers are adamant that every little step toward preventing the next mass shooting is worth a vote. "If it could've helped, if it would've made it more probable that it could've been prevented, less likely that it would've happened, that's a good thing. That's what we should be moving forward,” Rob Bonta.
RE: Alligator Eats Child news story, or "False Reality of Goofy Emotions Surround Baby-Eating Alligator Situation." Yes it's from The Daily Stormer - but Andrew Anglin is so well-spoken, intelligent, and just an overall likeable fellow.
If you’re American, you’ve probably seen some of the news reporting. It’s overshadowing the gay bar massacre. What is shocking to me is that they are all saying “we’re hoping for the best” – as if maybe the child is still alive somehow, hours after having been dragged to the bottom of a lake in the jaws of an alligator.
This is ridiculous. The baby would have probably been crushed to death almost immediately by the alligator’s jaws, it certainly wouldn’t survive long underwater and it definitely wouldn’t survive being chewed up and eaten.

Watching this coverage was really demonstrative of the childlike nature of modern Western society, where people are afraid to face any reality that makes them feel bad, and will instead collectively endorse and embrace blatantly false realities that make them feel better.
-Andrew Anglin
 From the always-hilarious Daily Stormer comments section:
Clearly the alligator in question was a "lone wolf". This was just another incident of work-place violence with no overtones of Islamic terrorism.  The alligator's ex-wife has been contacted and she believes the alligator may have been gay.