Friday, December 18, 2015

Photos - An interesting Mauser 1871 /84 in 45-70! SOLD

Alright - this is basically a shameless plug for an Gun Auction of mine.  I decided I needed a Browning/Colt 1919/1928 Watercooled Jacketed Trunnion (seriously, that's a good deal) more than I need an unshootable rifle so I'm getting rid of this.  It's a sporterized 1871/84 Mauser that I thought I could fix up and shoot but it's basically beyond my abilities as an Advanced Bubbasmith.

It looks mostly good except there's bits of rust, the front wood is cracked, and the barrel is mangled/un-concentric to the bore.  It's a great source of parts, though, I think!

Auction's over!  Pictures here.

The rest of the photos are after the page-break below.

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