Thursday, August 13, 2015

Who is Chris Kitaeff?

Sun Tzu once said "know thy enemy," which is why I'm subscribed to anti-Second Amendment mailing lists such "Mom's Demand Action" and "The Brady Campaign."  I like to see what goes on in the enemies side of things.  On August 10, 2015, a gentleman named "Chris J. Kitaeff" out of Scottsdale, Arizona wrote a propaganda piece titled "Scorecard: No Check, No Sale."  In the mass-email, he boldly accuses several retail giants of selling guns to criminals without background checks, without any supporting evidence.  A brief excerpt:
As a gun dealer in Arizona, I've run a lot of background checks. And I never sell a gun to someone until their check confirms they are a law-abiding citizen.

In the rare case that a background check takes longer than three days, a deadly loophole in the law gives gun dealers the choice of whether or not to make the sale.

I know where I stand on this: No gun sales without complete background checks. But at least two major gun retailers haven't made their background check policies clear.
Chris Kitaeff
Seems rather fishy.  Why would someone who owns a gun shop even help an organization that's set on destroying one's livelihood?  Well, a quick google of this Chris fellow shows he isn't exactly making a living as a gun dealer.  It's mentioned by other news sites that he allegedly owns a firearms shop named Newport Firearms (FFL# is 9-86-013-07-5J-05759 ), not to be confused with Newport Firearms club of Rhode Island.  Their phone number is (480) 371-6553 but no one picks up the phone, nor is there anything to indicate that they sell firearms.

He has owned the website since 2012 but has not done anything with it, yet.  A quick whois shows that it was last updated in June 2015, possibly to enable anonymous domain ownership.  The website itself is shown to be owned by a dummy corporation called Newport Global LLC, whose sole purpose is to squat firearms-related domains.  Him and his wife, Patricia D. Kitaeff, apparently own Newport Global LLC which has registered at least six websites including, and several other Arizona Firearms-related names.

Chris Kitaeff on the right.
He owned a twitter account @chriskitaeff from 2011 until August 6, 2015 (Google Cached version here).  I wonder why he deleted his Twitter account.  Perhaps because it was obvious this guy was just a shill for the anti-gun lobby and needed to delete it to keep up the facade as a gun dealer.  You'll notice he's retweeted lots of posts by MAG/Everytown, and tweeted many of the usual typical anti-gun spiel.  He seemed particularly disturbed that Arizona is the number one gun sales state.  Seriously, how does this guy even sell guns?

What we know about this guy:
  • He's approximately 30-34 years old
  • Some sort of highspeed investor of some sort, working for Merrill Lynch
  • Has lived Orange County, CA, and also Newport, CA (hence the name Newport Firearms)
  • He only has been mentioned once in 2013, 2014, and several times in 2015, always shilling for The Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action, or Everytown.
  • BUT he has been planning this as early as 2011, if his Twitter registration dates are of any indication.
  • The associated address "15001 N. 59TH PL., SCOTTSDALE,  AZ  85254" and several others seems to be a residential house that was recently or is currently for sale by the same realtor company.
  • He seems to be a fairly young, thin, and good looking man, a stark contrast to the typical gun-owner, suggesting he doesn't actually deal in firearms.
This isn't the first time that Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun group has shilled for their cause by posing as gun owners.  In 2004, there was a (now defunct) web-blog called "Gun Guys" (not to be confused with other similarly-named firearms shops).  It basically existed to berate gunowners while posting news articles about gun violence and somehow connecting legal gunownership with criminals.  It's authors claimed they were pro-second amendment and were avid hunters who agreed with the Brady Campaign.  The website is long gone now.  I guess the group ran out of money to keep paying writers.

Another incident was the fake gunshop in New York City, of all places, where actors, pretending to be shop owners and buyers, had replica firearms for sale which were purportedly crime guns use to murder people.  The whole thing was a stunt to film this propaganda piece.

I'll try to update this post as more information comes up.  But it looks like that's all there really is to it - which is to say there is nothing more to this mystery - Chris Kitaeff is a shill and doesn't actually own a firearms business.  Which makes me wonder - how did he get a Type 7 FFL?  According to wikipedia, a Type 7 FFL is a license to manufacture firearms and ammunition and also NFA items.  Does he have to pay the yearly $2,250 ITAR fee?  Did he have to get interviewed by an ATF agent to get that FFL?  If he did, I'm really curious how that went.  Can I get a Type 7 FFL by telling the interviewing agent "I hate guns and I want to setup a fake storefront for the purposes of creating propaganda for The Brady Campaign"?  Seriously.  I've been wanting a Type 7 FFL for a while.

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