Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A curious relic - exploded Steyr 1912 slide

Did you know that, according to the King of Europe, that websites such as mine are supposed to inform European visitors about small, flat, sweet-baked treats?  I was just alerted about this by Google, for some reason.

I recently purchased a grabbag of parts off ebay and included was this interesting slide.  I used to have a morbid fascination with kabooms* and the like, but this stuff no longer interests me as much.  But it does leave a few questions - why was it marked ".38 ACP"?  Who went out of their way to mark it as such?  As I understand it, .38 Super, 9mm Largo, 9x23 Winchester, and 9mm Steyr have similar case lengths and can possibly be inadvertently chambered in one another.  Also these guns were converted to 9mm Luger during World War 2 but those are usually marked with a waffenamt stamp.

But why would someone go out of their way to mark it as being chambered in 38 ACP, an obscure rimmed cartridge used by early Colt automatic pistols?  Were these guns commonly rechambered into .38 ACP or was this marked by a clueless importer?  Or maybe this was done on purpose in one of those countries where military calibers are outlawed - perhaps to fool authorities?  The large rim of the .38 ACP round would prevent the primer from contacting the firing pin on an unmodified Steyr pistol.  My guess is someone loaded it with .38 Super or 9x23 Winchester and blew it up.

But another thing that's interesting is that the bolt face seems to be partially bored out for a larger cartridge.  It would have been helpful to get measurements of bolt faces, but I didn't think much of it.  Also it seems odd that the slide didn't bulge out.  Is this a sign that the barrel did NOT explode?  Did the metal just stress out and the slide simply cracked from hot rounds?

It is also interesting to note that this post contains an unusual amount of question marks.

*WTF is a "kaboom"?  When a gun unexpectedly explodes/self destructs upon firing.  Examples:
Springfield Trapdoor Rifle backfires
AR-15 exploding as they're known to do on a regular basis

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