Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What happened to the Side-fed Sub-Tek .45 Carbine?

A neat concept that has been visited rarely:  A custom upper assembly that feeds magazines from the side and ejects brass to the ground through the lower assembly's magazine well.  The built-in mag-well adapter of the upper eliminates the need for a magazine adapter so you can switch between .223 and .45 quickly.

I actually owned a similar product - The Prexis Sidefed Upper.  It was sold as a kit which the user had to simply press and pin the barrel and affix the magazine well to the side.  I can't get into why I never made a followup post and subsequent live fire video, but just know that I never did and ponder that for a moment.  Update: Fuck Mike Jestis, read my review here.  Hopefully one day I will get to unfuck the mistakes that were inherent to that particular specimen.

Anyways, a gentleman named Daryl Johnson announced this sidefed .45 ACP upper back in 2012.  His website and associated websites are both down, his Facebook and YouTube hasn't been updated since, and the blog from which I originally learned about this from, The Firearms Blog, seems to have deleted their post about this.  Obviously it's dead in the water now with no trace of any possibility of it surfacing anytime soon.  YouTube video and images from his Facebook page posted below.


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