Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Bizarre Case of LCPL Nasty

Note: I was pissed off about the whole ordeal when I wrote this.  In retrospect, I probably should not have used actual names, and thus I have amended the post to better reflect that.
The first rule of Fat Club is: You do not talk about Fat Club.
I’ve never been so disgusted by a human being as much as my roommate.  I take personal offense to this man’s existence.  He is an insult to the uniform and all hard-working people everywhere.  I’ve known some fat and disgusting people in my life, but none have come close to matching this subhuman filth.

He's actually a Private as of this writing.  I don't know what events led to his demotion, but I had predicted earlier this year that he would fail his 3 mile run.  My prediction – my prayers - came true.  This manchild was supposed to go back to whatever farm in Mississippi he came from in late April. Unfortunately for me, the admin department always screws up one way or another and things get delayed when it comes to getting rid of useless Marines and thus I’m forced to endure his miserable existence for a week more.