Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Ghost of SGT Rodriguez

I suppose this would have been more appropriate as an April Fools story, but here it is, twenty days late.  In Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA), Hawaii, the area consists of Quonset huts that appear to date back to World War 2.  No one can say for sure when the buildings were constructed and, quite frankly, no one cares.  The Battalian Aid Station (BAS), or Troop Medical Clinic, there is definitely old though.  Medics and Corpsmen who stay there claim to hear strange noises in the hall at night.

There are reports of sounds of heavy objects, like desks, lifted into the air and dropped, or slow pacing in the hallway, or telephone conversions in the middle of the night.  Some claim they see dark figures walking around corners and disappearing.  One Corpsman even claimed to catch a glimpse of a figure in a 1980’s olive drab uniform walking down the hall and disappearing into a room.  Some believe this to be the ghost of SGT. Rodriguez.  Some say he was an army sergeant who was killed or murdered at the BAS.
Of course it’s all bullshit however.  I say he was just some bored guy who carved his name in the wet cement.  Ghosts aren’t real.  At least not at the BAS.  People became on edge when our resident toughguy started telling stories about the hauntings and about how men died violently in the X-Ray room, or the “Rape Room,” as it had been so affectionately named.

It’s also the room where we traditionally setup the projector, hook up the Xbox360, play Call of Duty and watch movies.  It’s dark and perfect for watching movies off the harddrives everyone brings to field ops.  I found that whenever Marines go on long training operations they bring harddrives full of movies, TV shows, games and porn.

On the 1 TerraByte drive thoughtfully provided by one of the Marines, it contained the first three seasons of the HBO program, “Game of Thrones,” which is a pretty cool show.  We watched one or two episodes every night.  I missed the ending of season one since I had to go to the field, and I was kind of upset that I would be missing it. When I returned from the field for a 24 hour break, I didn't appreciate having Sean Bean's death ruined for me by blabbermouths.

When I returned to the field for a second time, I received a report that one of the videos had become possessed by the ghost of SGT Rodriguez!  I’m not even making this up - here, watch it for yourself:

Actually, what really happened was before I left I thought it would be funny to pull a little prank and replace one of the movie files with a video consisting of disturbing text and sound.  I really wish someone recorded the reactions of this, because people said they freaked the hell out.  One of the other corpsmen coming back from a field op started Season 2 alone, at midnight, in the dark inside the haunted X-Ray room.  He bolted out of the room when this video showed up.

The music is by experimental grindcore band “Two Dead Sluts, One Good Fuck,” and the video was compiled using Windows Movie Maker.  Bonus points if you can tell which 90’s TGIF sitcom that "Chicago" scene is from.  It’s in the tags if you can’t figure it out.
 Towards the end of the operation, more people started leaving the BAS to return to Kaneohe so I ended up moving from the open bay barracks to sleeping in the BAS as rooms became available.  I spent one night in the creepy isolated room behind the X-Ray room and did not experience any paranormal activity, leaving me to believe that the ghost stories are all lies.  Although I must admit I slept with the lights on and with Die Hard 2 continuously looping on my laptop, so maybe that scared away the ghosts.  Either that or the lead and asbestos did it.