Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Active Duty Navy - Year One

Whoops, wrong order.
Just came back from a month in the shithole that is South Korea.  After five years of reserve and active time I finally got my first set of ribbons outside of bootcamp - The Korea Service ribbon, a good conduct ribbon (not shown), and a global war on terrorism ribbon.  The first for just being in Korea for more than 30 days, the second for being in four years, and the third for being at a duty station for more than 60 days. Sure, they're basically handed out for free for literally doing nothing, but at least now I don't look like a total n00b.

And I'm still an E3/Seaman after all this time.  That's partly my fault for not studying harder.  I never realized that the reserve advancement exam is a cakewalk compared to the active exam but now I know to study harder.  I was 5 points away from passing and I really could have used that extra cash to buy all kinds of stuff.  Oh well, there's always November.  They gave me until 2016 to reach third Class or I get the boot, which seems like an unnecessary generous amount of time.

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