Saturday, February 23, 2013

Safari Arms Survivor, part 2

I managed to track down the second only known Safari Arms Survivor kit.  This one actually came with the stock this time.  I don’t like the cheap-looking stock design but I suppose something is better than nothing.  I think it will make a sweet shooter if I manage to get it working.
I did get a chance to fondle the other Safari Arms kit while on leave last October and wrote up the following:

On close inspection there appears to be an extra lug on the roof of the receiver that doesn't really do anything except maybe keep the bolt straight.  The proprietary (?) firing pin has a safety block so it can't fire out of battery.  The barrel diameter should be 3/4" near the base of the chamber end for about 1", then stepped up and threaded to something larger than ~15/16" x 16 tpi (It is 15/16“ at the minor diameter, though it didn't occur to me at the time to measure the major diameter).  A locknut would screw into the remaining threads to prevent the barrel from unscrewing itself.  I think that it is probably a 1”x16 thread.
Bolt handle and firing pin
The rear stock is threaded to something larger than 9/16" (again I forgot to measure the major diameter) and threaded to 18 TPI.  I might be able to get a machinist to turn out some adapter fittings or I‘ll just ghetto-rig something up, like weld a large machine bolt to an ak rear trunnion or something like that.
I went to Cabela’s but couldn’t find a $300 Chinese 1911 like I originally planned, so I picked up the slightly more pricey Citadel 1911 and paid for it with my Cabela's bucks.

I tried fitting the upper to the frame and while it did slide in perfectly, the hole didn’t line up with the takedown pin!   The hole on the upper appeared to be slightly lower than the hole location on the 1911 frame.  I can only guess that the takedown lug is bent, comparing it to pictures of the other Safari Arms kit that was for sale.  No idea what’s wrong, I‘ve never owned a 1911 so I don‘t know anything about these.  I don’t want to permanently modify anything just yet.   If I do anything at all, it will be to egg the hole vertically upwards on the upper receiver, but that will be a last resort thing.

There apparently were two bolt face sizes for this, one in .45 acp, and a single shot in .223. The first one has the .45 acp bolt. No idea on the second, but it would be cool if it did have a .223 bolt. My new plan is to get crazy and build a lower from sheet metal or from an air soft gun. After all, the upper is self-contained and is held in place by the takedown pin only. The lower serves only to provide a FCG and a magwell.

I have not had a chance to inspect the second one, but I will in March. I already ordered a 1”x16 TPI tap and die set. When I get home I'm going to thread a 1” sleeve and weld it to a 16.25” barrel. The next step will be making an adapter to fit an M16A1 stock or an AK stock since I seem to have a surplus of these things. be continued!

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  1. I don't know if you will ever see this, but I hate to tell you therr is at least one more safari arms survivor carbine kit. I should know, I own it. Mine, however, is complete. Stock, receiver, barrel, shroud, and weaver scope. I love it. If you would like pictures, please email me


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