Friday, October 5, 2012

Field Medical Training Battalion West

Field Medical Training Battalion West - Where Navy Hospital Corpseman go to get trained to serve with the Marines.

My thoughts on this place can be summed up simply with “FUCK FMTB.”  Despite getting liberty on weekends, this was seriously worse than Navy bootcamp.  After beating Finex (AKA the Final Exercise portion of FMTB), I still felt like the week after that was just as stressful due to all the bullshit, including cleaning the barracks until 2300.  Everything they taught us, in regards to the medical aspect of the course, I already learned from taking TCCC courses (tactical combat casualty care) every year in the reserves.  From the retards making stupid noises while in formation, to the drunken bastards passing out in puddles of their own piss on the barracks floor (*cough* HN Vick), I‘m not going to miss this shit hole or the undisciplined idiots.  I’m just glad it’s all over now.

Here’s a video montage of my company doing cool stuff (which was heavily outweighed by the typical bullshit of a training command).  I made this from the original video which was 24 minutes long and it would probably be boring to everyone except those who were there.

I’m finally home on leave and I have 12 days to do things I like before going to a horrible, faraway place called Hawaii.  I’m really regretting not picking a duty station closer to home!

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