Sunday, July 29, 2012

WTF did I just buy - Weird bolt Action 1911 'upper'.

I was a petty officer once.  It didn't mean anything to me then, other than a few dollars more on my reserve paycheck.  When I switched from reserves to active in April, they bumped me down to an E-3 seaman.  I didn't mind.  I didn't care about the money, and I feel like there would be less responsibility for someone such as myself who had never been in the 'real' navy.  I leave for Camp Pendleton for training with the Fleet Marine Force in August.  That's nearly four months I've been here at the RTC NAVET/OSVET program basically doing nothing and collecting a paycheck.  I almost feel guilty about wasting taxpayers money, but then I say screw it.

On my way to chow hall (or pretty much anywhere on base), at least once a week, I get stopped by an RDC and yelled at for being in the 'wrong place'.  All I can tell them is that I'm from NAVET/OSVET.  Sometimes they don't know what the hell that is, so I tell them I've from 'that barracks over there,' and if they still don't know, they'll look at  me with suspicious eyes, act like they know and tell me to carry on.  Not only that, every friday they make me wear an orange vest for 'roadguard duty,' which is just stopping traffic to allow civilians to cross the street going to the graduation ceremony.  It pissed me off the one time when we had an RDC overseer make us do fucking facing movements.  Then a graduate said to me 'Thanks, recruit!'  I don't know why, but being mistaken as a recruit is the ultimate humiliation for me at Great Lakes.  If I still had my Petty Officer's chevrons I'm pretty sure this wouldn't happen.  For that reason alone, I'm TAKING this paycheck without a guilty conscience (that and I got screwed out of a signup bonus twice in a four year span).