Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Artwork of Barracks 14

Every friday, between the RDC's*, THU kiddies, and NAVET/OSVETs, personnel are 'randomly' selected to assist the security detail with the graduation ceremony.  For the past five weeks, I have been 'randomly' volunteered to go to this thing.  Its humiliating, degrading work for someone such as myself with four years of service and still a lowly E-3.  I had to do it again last Friday.  This comes after my supervisor told us that we'd get to avoid that if we stripped and buffed the floors of Barracks 14 that's re-opening in time for the 'summer rush'.  Not that we were offered a choice.  I know that as a junior enlisted, mopping floors is a Navy tradition.  But ask me to clean the toilets, then I've got a real problem.

When I was in bootcamp four years ago, I was the guy that went into hiding whenever there was any toilet cleaning to be done.  I guess I'm a germophobe.  Last week I had spent two days scrubbing mildew and hardened calcium out of toilets and pissers, in addition to mopping all halls and heads.  But after all that cleaning, I still ended up for graduation ceremony duty.

 This is Building 14, the place I stayed at four years ago (Officially it's called the USS Arizona, Ship 14, but I refuse to be treated like a recruit after last friday, and I'm calling it Building 14 in protest.  That, and calling a building a ship is stupid).  It's re-opening for the first time in two years.  It was kind of weird being back there.  The murals on the bulkheads walls in the ladderwells stairwells are all still there.  Recruit Divisions that score high in their inspections, drill, GPA, and whatever else it is that recruits do get to paint their divisional mural on the wall.  My division was an honor division and we were supposed to have our mural painted but we just never had time.

Alot of it is crap and I can't be bothered to upload all of them, but there's some good ones here and there.  There's more in the other barracks.  I wish they'd let us go and take pictures of those but I'm assuming non-recruits are forbidden from entering.

There's a goatse reference here.  When you see it...

There might be another here too.

Good 'ol Chief.

Two of my RDCs are named on this special forces division.

Super Mario Brothers theme.

Earthworm Jim holding a dead yellow bird for some reason.

This was stitched together from two photos.
Some dastardly individual drew a mustache with a permanent marker.  I think it's rather fitting this way, though.

*RDC = Recruit Drill Commanders, aka drill instructors.
*THU = Temporary Holding Unit for undesignated recruit graduates.  The older guys in NAVET call them kiddies for some reason, despite there being a few 30+ year olds in THU.

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