Saturday, November 24, 2012

Double Barrel P-08 Luger

Well, I was gonna post about the guy who built an AK 47 from a shovel that seems to be all the rage right now, but everyone has posted it on every blog so chances are you've already seen it.  Instead here is a double barreled P-08 Luger.  Actually it's just a long barreled P-08 with another pistol clamped underneath it, made by a German gunsmith.  It looks stupid to be honest, but I still want one!

More bizzare P-08 Luger modifications can be found here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back from leave + updates on gun projects

I have returned from leave and am now back at Pendleton and await my airline tickets to Hawaii!  When I arrived at FMTB, they were surprised that I came back because apparently noone knew I was supposed to return, but that was what I was told when I left two weeks ago.  I almost got counted as a UA for some reason even though I remember before I left two weeks ago I talked with two people at personnel department that I was going on leave and returning to FMTB to await my tickets and they literally told me to GTFO and go on leave.  But everything is sorted out and now I‘m in some kind of disgusting roach-motel of a barracks that‘s even more nastier than the FMTB barracks.  I can tell there's no regular inspection of the living spaces here, but it's not so bad once you get used to it.

A list of projects that I hoped to get done while on leave, but didn’t:

-Romanian AK47 trainer rifle in .22 LR
-East German AK47 trainer pistol in .22 LR
-Yugoslav M76 8mm on a stamped PSL receiver
-VMac-10 9mm from square tubing
-Marlin Camp-Frankenstein 9mm carbine
-Rhineland Mauser K98 .45 ACP carbine
-Ghetto Home-made Mauser Broomhandle Lower Receiver
-SharpShooter4090's MG47ES
-Safari Arms .45 ACP carbine

I did take a few pictures and write down measurements and dimensions of some of this stuff in my notebook so at least I can brainstorm ideas and post small updates periodically.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Field Medical Training Battalion West

Field Medical Training Battalion West - Where Navy Hospital Corpseman go to get trained to serve with the Marines.

My thoughts on this place can be summed up simply with “FUCK FMTB.”  Despite getting liberty on weekends, this was seriously worse than Navy bootcamp.  After beating Finex (AKA the Final Exercise portion of FMTB), I still felt like the week after that was just as stressful due to all the bullshit, including cleaning the barracks until 2300.  Everything they taught us, in regards to the medical aspect of the course, I already learned from taking TCCC courses (tactical combat casualty care) every year in the reserves.  From the retards making stupid noises while in formation, to the drunken bastards passing out in puddles of their own piss on the barracks floor (*cough* HN Vick), I‘m not going to miss this shit hole or the undisciplined idiots.  I’m just glad it’s all over now.

Here’s a video montage of my company doing cool stuff (which was heavily outweighed by the typical bullshit of a training command).  I made this from the original video which was 24 minutes long and it would probably be boring to everyone except those who were there.

I’m finally home on leave and I have 12 days to do things I like before going to a horrible, faraway place called Hawaii.  I’m really regretting not picking a duty station closer to home!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

WTF did I just buy - Weird bolt Action 1911 'upper'.

I was a petty officer once.  It didn't mean anything to me then, other than a few dollars more on my reserve paycheck.  When I switched from reserves to active in April, they bumped me down to an E-3 seaman.  I didn't mind.  I didn't care about the money, and I feel like there would be less responsibility for someone such as myself who had never been in the 'real' navy.  I leave for Camp Pendleton for training with the Fleet Marine Force in August.  That's nearly four months I've been here at the RTC NAVET/OSVET program basically doing nothing and collecting a paycheck.  I almost feel guilty about wasting taxpayers money, but then I say screw it.

On my way to chow hall (or pretty much anywhere on base), at least once a week, I get stopped by an RDC and yelled at for being in the 'wrong place'.  All I can tell them is that I'm from NAVET/OSVET.  Sometimes they don't know what the hell that is, so I tell them I've from 'that barracks over there,' and if they still don't know, they'll look at  me with suspicious eyes, act like they know and tell me to carry on.  Not only that, every friday they make me wear an orange vest for 'roadguard duty,' which is just stopping traffic to allow civilians to cross the street going to the graduation ceremony.  It pissed me off the one time when we had an RDC overseer make us do fucking facing movements.  Then a graduate said to me 'Thanks, recruit!'  I don't know why, but being mistaken as a recruit is the ultimate humiliation for me at Great Lakes.  If I still had my Petty Officer's chevrons I'm pretty sure this wouldn't happen.  For that reason alone, I'm TAKING this paycheck without a guilty conscience (that and I got screwed out of a signup bonus twice in a four year span).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Artwork of Barracks 14

Every friday, between the RDC's*, THU kiddies, and NAVET/OSVETs, personnel are 'randomly' selected to assist the security detail with the graduation ceremony.  For the past five weeks, I have been 'randomly' volunteered to go to this thing.  Its humiliating, degrading work for someone such as myself with four years of service and still a lowly E-3.  I had to do it again last Friday.  This comes after my supervisor told us that we'd get to avoid that if we stripped and buffed the floors of Barracks 14 that's re-opening in time for the 'summer rush'.  Not that we were offered a choice.  I know that as a junior enlisted, mopping floors is a Navy tradition.  But ask me to clean the toilets, then I've got a real problem.

When I was in bootcamp four years ago, I was the guy that went into hiding whenever there was any toilet cleaning to be done.  I guess I'm a germophobe.  Last week I had spent two days scrubbing mildew and hardened calcium out of toilets and pissers, in addition to mopping all halls and heads.  But after all that cleaning, I still ended up for graduation ceremony duty.

 This is Building 14, the place I stayed at four years ago (Officially it's called the USS Arizona, Ship 14, but I refuse to be treated like a recruit after last friday, and I'm calling it Building 14 in protest.  That, and calling a building a ship is stupid).  It's re-opening for the first time in two years.  It was kind of weird being back there.  The murals on the bulkheads walls in the ladderwells stairwells are all still there.  Recruit Divisions that score high in their inspections, drill, GPA, and whatever else it is that recruits do get to paint their divisional mural on the wall.  My division was an honor division and we were supposed to have our mural painted but we just never had time.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Great Lakes NAVET/OSVET (Navy Veteran / Other Service Veteran) Orientation program

Updated 04-Jun-2017: I keep getting hits to this page from Google searches, but all this information is probably outdated or whatever.  It probably changes depending on who is in charge of the program.

Ever since I finished Hospital Corpsman A school four years ago, I've had this reoccurring nightmare where I'd find myself in bootcamp and would be reliving those bad memories.  I always dreaded the thought of going back to Great Lakes bootcamp for any reason, but here I am.  Not as a recruit, but in the "Veteran Orientation" program.  I guess being stuck here isn’t as bad as I thought it would have been.  Most people here in this program are prior active duty (Mostly Navy, but a few airforce, army, and Marines) or, like me, were Navy reservists right out of A School.  It took me a year and a half to get from talking with a recruiter to where I am now, and I went down a rank from Petty Officer Third Class to Seaman, but I think the end result will be worth it.

I lost count how many times I've been to MEPS but it has to be at least my eleventh visit in my lifetime.  They lost my medical records back in January so I had to redo all my tests, shots, and stuff in March.  But that didn't matter anyways because I gotta redo all that here at Red Rover Medical Facility at Great Lakes.

Most people coming into this program from other services will familiarize themselves with basic Navy training stuff like fire-fighting, weapons familiarization, and swim qual.  There are a few of us here who have completed Basic Training in the past five years, so I don't know why they're making us do all this again, but I managed to explain to the instructors that I was in the NAVET/OSVET program and they signed off a few of my classes without me having to sit through them, though I wish I had stuck around for the gas chamber.

Classes, uniform fitting, medical records and processing takes a total of two or three weeks.  About one or two hours a day of processing, the rest is spent chilling in your room until 1500 then you're on liberty (I think I actually sat through three classes which were less than two hours each).  Orders are usually available by then, but a few of us are stuck here for a few months bullshitting because orders aren't available for some reason.  The current record holder is 400 days according to our supervisors.   One interesting thing to note is that there are only about four to eight people in NAVET/OSVET at any given time, and we get a new guy every two to three weeks.  At this rate, there would be about forty to fifty people going through this program per year.

In addition to getting very basic training, which everyone will forget in a month, we're also getting processed and getting medical records taken care of.  I can't think of a good reason why they would send me here, since I had all my records at my local NOSC (Navy Operational Support Center) but I'm getting paid to bullshit here so I guess I can't complain too much.  And don’t bother bringing your uniforms.  They will make you get all your uniforms all over again.  It didn’t seem to come out of my pay check like they said it would, so it doesn’t cost anything but time (which you will have lots of here).

The barracks I'm staying at is great.  We have this building right in the middle of bootcamp with about 75 rooms and maybe less than ten of them are occupied.  The walls must be made of lead because no one gets reception.  There's no cable TV but there are two lounges and one conference room where we can chill and watch movies.  We eat in the same chow hall as the recruits.  The food is not as bad as I remembered.

We have collateral duties which consist of flushing toilets in the empty rooms to make sure they aren't attracting flies, killing said flies, and mopping, buffing, and cleaning all living spaces until they're spotless.  There are days when we literally just sit and do nothing.  Every Friday, Recruit Training Command has a graduation ceremony and our job is to manage traffic in the parking garage, security detail, and pushing the elderly in wheelchairs.  It's pretty mindless but I feel like Fridays are most productive.

As for me, I’m stuck here from April to July.  I kinda feel like I’m wasting away.  I literally have nothing better to do than write this.  I don’t know what the point of this post was.  Maybe someone who is re-enlisting will stumble on this instead of that outdated 50+ post messageboard thread that's about TPU that contains outdated information.  I just sort of typed this up in ten minutes and didn’t bother organizing it, so feel free to ask questions!

RANDOM ANECDOTE WITH NO POINT: During my correspondence with my recruiter (A female, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I honestly wouldn’t have noticed the preceding metamorphosis had it been a dude), there was a few months of silence where I hadn't heard from anyone at the recruitment center.  I thought that they had just decided to stop working with me.  Maybe I don't count in their yearly quota or something, or perhaps I was a thorn in their side, so they sent me to the backburner, whatever that means.  When I decided to make a surprise visit to the recruiting station to see what was up, I freaked out.  The recruiter looked like a damn troll.  She appeared to have shrank 7-8 inches, her neck looked like it sank into her shoulders, the black bags under her eyes made them appear to bulge out, and she seemed to have gained a significant amount of poundage.  Scared the shit out of me.  To be fair though, it could have been that she overstartched the new enlisted khaki service uniform.

Tax dollars at work.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Got a crush on a pretty pistol...

OH HULLAH!  I have had an affinity for stocked pistols for a while now.  I can't say why exactly, but they are just too cool.  Especially ones that do not require NFA paperwork (because certain models of C&R pistols are specifically exempt, though many gun owners don't realize this).  I understand that having a stock on a pistol contributes nothing to accurate shooting, but I like weird and unusual pistols.  My obsession for stocked pistols started when I first saw Ocelot's stocked Single Action Army in Metal Gear Solid 3.  Since then I had owned a stocked 1851 Navy and have wanted to add more to my collection since.

I also had a stocked Mauser Broomhandle in 7.63 Mauser for a while, but quickly sold the stock after learning that reproduction stocks now require a tax stamp.  Apparently twenty years ago there was a letter stating reproduction stocks were exempt but recently the ATF decided to reverse their decision for no good reason.  I have yet to find an original stock that is reasonably priced.

Up until a few weeks ago I have been on the search for the next cheaper alternative to a stocked broomhandle - a stocked Canadian Inglis Browning Hi Power.  I originally had my sights set on a complete set from JoeSalter, but someone snatched it up right when I got my funds together.  I guess I'm glad I didn't purchase it because it was $925.  It also had mis-matched serial numbers (normally I don't care since I'm gonna overhaul the thing, but at $925 it better match!).  Not to mention the stock was suspiciously new-looking and had phillips head screws on it that looked like it just screamed 'Made in China' to me.  I'm kind of surprised at the outrageous price for an obvious, mis-matched fake.  After months of searching and coming up with nothing, I finally found one for a semi reasonable price.  It doesn't have a stock, but one day it will.  I'm embarrassed to say exactly how much (but I will tell you it was significantly less than Mr. Salter's).  If you're a clever internet detective you can probably find out in less than three minutes.

Friday, January 20, 2012

An experiment in price gouging.

Arisaka bolt.  It was used by the emperor himself.  Probably.

Rare Gewehr 1888 Commission Rifle double trigger.  It was owned by the Fuhrer himself.  Also probably.

And finally a stripped Mauser C96 Broomhandle Bolt. In bad condition, however it was touched by a goddamn celebrity (me) so that makes it valuable.

Okay, so that last one was mostly a test auction to see if people will overpay for junk.  I have witnessed a $200 Argentine 22lr conversion kit sell for $300, so I'm thinking ebay gunowners are either morons, bad at googling, or are simply rich folks who just don't give a damn and are buying through ebay out of convenience.  Either way, I intend to bank off it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

eBay allows gun parts again (also buy my stuff)

 According to a post on Calguns and The Highroad and a sudden influx of gun barrels for sale on ebay, I guess eBay finally caved in.  I don't give a shit if the president of eBay is a supporter of anti-gun organizations.  If you guys wanna boycott them, fine, that means more deals for me and I'll still get more bids on my auctions than I ever will on Gunbroker.

Also, I like TennJed's satirical post on people who boycott anything and everything:
I am getting very hungry since I started boycotting all merchants that restrict firearms sales. Living off beef jerky from basspro is getting old. Hopefully the local grocery will quit hating my freedom and start selling firearms. I mean they sell knives at the grocery store why not guns

Anywho, buy my T/C barrel and stock set. Wait, I change my mind, I'm keeping the stock!  Instead, buy my super rare, one-of-a-kind Kirst Konverter 45 Colt Conversion Cylinder.