Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shot two dogs

Well, I just shot somebody's two german shepard dogs that were prowling around my mom's stupid goat fence.  My mom had been having a problem with dogs getting inside the fence and killing one goat every morning for the past week.  They killed five goats until we finally got the fence barb-wired up and rocks placed around the fence so they couldn't dig under it.

Bubbafied Higgins Model 20.
This morning, about four days without a goat getting killed and we saw the two dogs eyeing the goats on our property.  I quickly ran to my room, grabbed my trusty 12 gauge and some hearing protection and ran down to the goat pen.  The dogs ran off into the creek and I followed them.  I fired one round of buckshot at about 50 yards but I think the shot went low.  I ran through the brush to get closer and fired another round at 15 yards and hit it that time.  I heard a horrible yelping sound and saw him limp away.  I can only assume he wandered off and died somewhere, or it could have been a fleshwound.  Hopefully it died right on the porch of the owner's house so they'll get the message.  I doubt assholes who let their dogs run loose care enough to take their animal to the veterinarian.

I admit I wanted to kill something just for the thrill of killing stuff, but now I felt really awful about shooting that dog.  The second one ran back close to the goat entrance, noticed me again, then started running back to the neighbor's.  I didn't shoot him immediately. I let him run right past me before I decided to unload a couple rounds of birdshot on him at 10 yards.  I figured at that range birdshot won't kill him, just teach him a lesson.  The first shot didn't seem to have any effect, but the second round caused him to stumble, limp a few paces, then continue running full speed.  I think he'll be alright, I hope.

Goats are such stupid, soulless animals.  I don't have any problems with killing goats, deer, cats, or certain types of human scum.  Not that I've ever shot the latter three (I really want to, though!), but I did have to dispatch my mom's goat last year because it had his throat ripped open by a pitbull and it couldn't swallow.  I used buckshot directly on his skull and it exploded exactly like you'd see in Fallout 3.  It was awesome.  Shooting a dog, on the other hand, I have qualms about.  I took the time to build a fence for my dog so she wouldn't attack the neighbor's livestock (or people), I hope my jerkwad neighbors do the same for theirs when (or if) they get new dogs.