Friday, September 16, 2011

Unauthorized Friendship is Magic poster - bigger and longer

Woohoo!  My 12x18 'Friendship is Magic' Comic Con poster arrived from Snapfish.  For size comparison is a can of V8 Juice and my Magnum Research .45-70 that's been collecting dust for a few years.  Actually the revolver was mostly there to keep things firearm related even though this isn't primarily a gun blog, but I feel like I'm losing my grasp on what is manly and what isn't!!!

Thanks to the artists at DeviantArt for vectorizing the original Comic Con poster. To get your own totally unauthorized print, download from the link at EquestriaDaily HERE.  Be warned that the image file is unnecessarily huge at 30,000x pixels.  It took about five minutes to load up in Photoshop and shrink it down to 6000x.

Some notes about the poster:  I uploaded a smallified version to Snapfish (which I wanted to upload to blogger, but apparently blogger doesn't like large images).  I think there's supposed to be a 7000x poster on the deviantart link, which should be more than adequate for a large poster.  If you want to upload it to Snapfish and order one, it will have to be modified somehow (either through Snapfish's awful cropping tool or using your own image editor).  I had to truncate some of the poster with Snapfish's cropping tool and I guess it turned out okay, but some stuff got cut off.  Oh, and it seems that Walmart nor Tarj~e carries a 12x18 poster frame (or any other frame with a 2x3 ratio).

In completely unrelated news: BUY MY GUN STUFF!

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