Monday, July 11, 2011


(The following three paragraphs will probably sound like a WALL of GIBBERISH for people who aren't in the reserves)

 After asking my AOIC every drill weekend for the past six months to help me put in orders, she finally got the okay to put in our requests 20 days before Operation Golden Coyote started.  DTS instruction recommends at least 60.  With 15 days left until the AT (Annual Training, aka the 'two weeks a year'), we were cleared to enter our orders into NROWS.  Eta 9 days and someone at NOSC <NAME WITHHELD> calls me and tells me I have to either put in a request or cut some days off my AT (which im pretty sure the Golden Coyote organizers wouldn't be too happy about).  I know I'm allowed 29 AT days and I already used 2.  After my AOIC was kind enough to sort out the mess for me, I quickly signed my DTS travel stuff with seven days until the operation (all the while my AOIC continues to insist that there is plenty of time, despite official DTS/NROWS instruction saying you need to do all this shit 60 days in advance).

Then I get a call from the NOSC again!  I email him explaining I don't know WTF, and he tells me to talk to a junior-enlisted-something-or-other.  I do that and it's an E2 who is just as clueless as me, and he tells me he'll get right on it and that I should check DTS later that night.  I check it the next morning and see nothing has happened, so I call DTS and the DTS people tell me NOSC guys aren't doing anything and are refusing to approve my orders, so DTS resends my airline ticket requests and tell me that I should sort it out with them.

And so this process repeats itself for the next few days until the very last day before AT and im calling DTS, NOSC, SATO and random numbers and emailing any other random people who appear remotely relevent and at 2000 its all finally approved.  The chief calls me up, he sounds pissed, and asks me why I waited till the last day to submit my DTS stuff AND proceeds to tell me I never signed my DTS stuff, but I know that is a crock of shit.  The fact that DTS requed my request multiple times throughout the week actually updated the "request send date" making it appear as though I sent everything at the last minute (I'm assuming that's what happened, anyways)!  I can log onto DTS and I can see for a fact that I did indeed sign my shit a week prior and that there are multiple iterations of the same things.  Unless he was talking about why I waited until the last week to do my DTS stuff, then my secondary excuse is that my unit said it was okay!