Saturday, May 21, 2011

AKx25 Pistol (Part 1)

Semi-finished product without furniture.
There's a bunch of AK tokarev builds out there.  This is another one.   I have 10,000 rounds of Tokarev surplus and no gun to shoot it in, so I decided to build one.  The biggest hurdle with AK or AR tokarev guns is finding someone who will build and profile a barrel, and most kits out there won't sell the barrel individually.  The second issue is figuring out how and where to get a bolt.  You can either make one from an AK 74 bolt carrier group, or buy one ready-made.  In this case, the ready-made bolt is an Erie Ordnance Depot tokarev bolt.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friendship is Magic - Season Finale

Remember when this blog used to be about guns?  Me neither!  So let's talk some more about how great "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is.  The first sixteen or so episodes were awesome.  I tell you, I was grinning ear to ear watching every episode up to then, and all of a sudden the series took a sharp nose-dive at around episode 19.  From that point, I felt as if the quality wavered from awful to mediocre back to awful (with a single exception at the end, see below).  Maybe because I had watched 1-16 at LEAST twice each so I was able to look past their faults, but starting at 19 it was painfully obvious to me how awful that episode was.