Friday, March 4, 2011

Return to MEPS part 1

Oh what fun MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station) is.  Basically a place where prospective recruits or those re-enlisting from all over the state go to get physically examined and take tests before getting shipped to bootcamp or returning to active duty.  I've been talking to a recruiter about switching from reserves to active duty and a trip to MEPS was planned on my second meeting at the recruiter's office.  The last time I went to MEPS was three years ago, and after the fourth and final visit, I was always told I'd never have to go to MEPS again.  I mean, I'm already in the military, they know I'm healthy.  My dad said in his 31 years of service that he's only been to MEPS once.  I, on the other hand, have been four times before I went to bootcamp.  This trip would be my latest (and hopefully last) since June 2008.