Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hex Screws

I'm not sure why Matlock keeps making appearances in motivational posters about AK47's, or more specifically, why he keeps stressing the importance of rivets, but really...  You people are living in the past, maaan!  Hex screws are the wave of the future!  I have thus updated said motivational poster to reflect the modern and proper approach to AK building.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts on the new AxCx album

Anal Cunt's newest album, "Fuckin' A" is complete horse shit. And by horse shit, I mean it's fucking music.  Bad music.  Complete with legible lyrics, chorus, guitar solos, backup singers, and rythm.  It's a sad attempt at music.  I don't know what this is supposed to be.  I honestly can't tell if this is another idea of a joke album like "Picnic of Love," or if this is a serious attempt at making music, but it's really awful.

For the record, I think their album "Everyone Should be Killed" is brilliant.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A few days ago I commented how a lot of internet stores seem to be full of incompetents, retards, and otherwise jerks who lack communication skills (like Johnathon Arthur Ciener, for example).  This behavior isn't exclusive to gun parts/custom shops (but of all my troubles, they seem to be the prime source), but mostly on websites that aren't streamlined, or webpages with animated gifs and ghetto HTML code that look like they haven't been updated since the 90's.  I mean, I've had a few bad amazon sellers, too, though.  Oddly enough, of the 400+ things I purchased on eBay since 2004, I never had a seller stiff me on anything.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Airsoft Glock into a real Glock

This is cool - 'padkychas' at WeaponsGuild forums has converted an airsoft frame into a working Glock frame. Here's a more detailed discussion of this project. 

Someone suggested that this would be a cheap way of making a Glock carbine instead of permanently converting a real Glock frame.  Either way, I'd be afraid of shooting this!