Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shot two dogs

Well, I just shot somebody's two german shepard dogs that were prowling around my mom's stupid goat fence.  My mom had been having a problem with dogs getting inside the fence and killing one goat every morning for the past week.  They killed five goats until we finally got the fence barb-wired up and rocks placed around the fence so they couldn't dig under it.

Bubbafied Higgins Model 20.
This morning, about four days without a goat getting killed and we saw the two dogs eyeing the goats on our property.  I quickly ran to my room, grabbed my trusty 12 gauge and some hearing protection and ran down to the goat pen.  The dogs ran off into the creek and I followed them.  I fired one round of buckshot at about 50 yards but I think the shot went low.  I ran through the brush to get closer and fired another round at 15 yards and hit it that time.  I heard a horrible yelping sound and saw him limp away.  I can only assume he wandered off and died somewhere, or it could have been a fleshwound.  Hopefully it died right on the porch of the owner's house so they'll get the message.  I doubt assholes who let their dogs run loose care enough to take their animal to the veterinarian.

I admit I wanted to kill something just for the thrill of killing stuff, but now I felt really awful about shooting that dog.  The second one ran back close to the goat entrance, noticed me again, then started running back to the neighbor's.  I didn't shoot him immediately. I let him run right past me before I decided to unload a couple rounds of birdshot on him at 10 yards.  I figured at that range birdshot won't kill him, just teach him a lesson.  The first shot didn't seem to have any effect, but the second round caused him to stumble, limp a few paces, then continue running full speed.  I think he'll be alright, I hope.

Goats are such stupid, soulless animals.  I don't have any problems with killing goats, deer, cats, or certain types of human scum.  Not that I've ever shot the latter three (I really want to, though!), but I did have to dispatch my mom's goat last year because it had his throat ripped open by a pitbull and it couldn't swallow.  I used buckshot directly on his skull and it exploded exactly like you'd see in Fallout 3.  It was awesome.  Shooting a dog, on the other hand, I have qualms about.  I took the time to build a fence for my dog so she wouldn't attack the neighbor's livestock (or people), I hope my jerkwad neighbors do the same for theirs when (or if) they get new dogs.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Unauthorized Friendship is Magic poster - bigger and longer

Woohoo!  My 12x18 'Friendship is Magic' Comic Con poster arrived from Snapfish.  For size comparison is a can of V8 Juice and my Magnum Research .45-70 that's been collecting dust for a few years.  Actually the revolver was mostly there to keep things firearm related even though this isn't primarily a gun blog, but I feel like I'm losing my grasp on what is manly and what isn't!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


(The following three paragraphs will probably sound like a WALL of GIBBERISH for people who aren't in the reserves)

 After asking my AOIC every drill weekend for the past six months to help me put in orders, she finally got the okay to put in our requests 20 days before Operation Golden Coyote started.  DTS instruction recommends at least 60.  With 15 days left until the AT (Annual Training, aka the 'two weeks a year'), we were cleared to enter our orders into NROWS.  Eta 9 days and someone at NOSC <NAME WITHHELD> calls me and tells me I have to either put in a request or cut some days off my AT (which im pretty sure the Golden Coyote organizers wouldn't be too happy about).  I know I'm allowed 29 AT days and I already used 2.  After my AOIC was kind enough to sort out the mess for me, I quickly signed my DTS travel stuff with seven days until the operation (all the while my AOIC continues to insist that there is plenty of time, despite official DTS/NROWS instruction saying you need to do all this shit 60 days in advance).

Then I get a call from the NOSC again!  I email him explaining I don't know WTF, and he tells me to talk to a junior-enlisted-something-or-other.  I do that and it's an E2 who is just as clueless as me, and he tells me he'll get right on it and that I should check DTS later that night.  I check it the next morning and see nothing has happened, so I call DTS and the DTS people tell me NOSC guys aren't doing anything and are refusing to approve my orders, so DTS resends my airline ticket requests and tell me that I should sort it out with them.

And so this process repeats itself for the next few days until the very last day before AT and im calling DTS, NOSC, SATO and random numbers and emailing any other random people who appear remotely relevent and at 2000 its all finally approved.  The chief calls me up, he sounds pissed, and asks me why I waited till the last day to submit my DTS stuff AND proceeds to tell me I never signed my DTS stuff, but I know that is a crock of shit.  The fact that DTS requed my request multiple times throughout the week actually updated the "request send date" making it appear as though I sent everything at the last minute (I'm assuming that's what happened, anyways)!  I can log onto DTS and I can see for a fact that I did indeed sign my shit a week prior and that there are multiple iterations of the same things.  Unless he was talking about why I waited until the last week to do my DTS stuff, then my secondary excuse is that my unit said it was okay!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

AKx25 Pistol (Part 1)

Semi-finished product without furniture.
There's a bunch of AK tokarev builds out there.  This is another one.   I have 10,000 rounds of Tokarev surplus and no gun to shoot it in, so I decided to build one.  The biggest hurdle with AK or AR tokarev guns is finding someone who will build and profile a barrel, and most kits out there won't sell the barrel individually.  The second issue is figuring out how and where to get a bolt.  You can either make one from an AK 74 bolt carrier group, or buy one ready-made.  In this case, the ready-made bolt is an Erie Ordnance Depot tokarev bolt.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friendship is Magic - Season Finale

Remember when this blog used to be about guns?  Me neither!  So let's talk some more about how great "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is.  The first sixteen or so episodes were awesome.  I tell you, I was grinning ear to ear watching every episode up to then, and all of a sudden the series took a sharp nose-dive at around episode 19.  From that point, I felt as if the quality wavered from awful to mediocre back to awful (with a single exception at the end, see below).  Maybe because I had watched 1-16 at LEAST twice each so I was able to look past their faults, but starting at 19 it was painfully obvious to me how awful that episode was.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'm trying to spread the gospel on how awesome 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' is. So, uh, bear with me here.  This show is totally not gay.  A month ago, after constantly seeing people on the internet talk about how awesome this show is, I decided to cave in and finally watch it on youtube out of morbid curiosity.  I was surprised at how good this show really is and have been looking forward to every new episode since.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Return to MEPS part 1

Oh what fun MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station) is.  Basically a place where prospective recruits or those re-enlisting from all over the state go to get physically examined and take tests before getting shipped to bootcamp or returning to active duty.  I've been talking to a recruiter about switching from reserves to active duty and a trip to MEPS was planned on my second meeting at the recruiter's office.  The last time I went to MEPS was three years ago, and after the fourth and final visit, I was always told I'd never have to go to MEPS again.  I mean, I'm already in the military, they know I'm healthy.  My dad said in his 31 years of service that he's only been to MEPS once.  I, on the other hand, have been four times before I went to bootcamp.  This trip would be my latest (and hopefully last) since June 2008.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hex Screws

I'm not sure why Matlock keeps making appearances in motivational posters about AK47's, or more specifically, why he keeps stressing the importance of rivets, but really...  You people are living in the past, maaan!  Hex screws are the wave of the future!  I have thus updated said motivational poster to reflect the modern and proper approach to AK building.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts on the new AxCx album

Anal Cunt's newest album, "Fuckin' A" is complete horse shit. And by horse shit, I mean it's fucking music.  Bad music.  Complete with legible lyrics, chorus, guitar solos, backup singers, and rythm.  It's a sad attempt at music.  I don't know what this is supposed to be.  I honestly can't tell if this is another idea of a joke album like "Picnic of Love," or if this is a serious attempt at making music, but it's really awful.

For the record, I think their album "Everyone Should be Killed" is brilliant.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A few days ago I commented how a lot of internet stores seem to be full of incompetents, retards, and otherwise jerks who lack communication skills (like Johnathon Arthur Ciener, for example).  This behavior isn't exclusive to gun parts/custom shops (but of all my troubles, they seem to be the prime source), but mostly on websites that aren't streamlined, or webpages with animated gifs and ghetto HTML code that look like they haven't been updated since the 90's.  I mean, I've had a few bad amazon sellers, too, though.  Oddly enough, of the 400+ things I purchased on eBay since 2004, I never had a seller stiff me on anything.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Airsoft Glock into a real Glock

This is cool - 'padkychas' at WeaponsGuild forums has converted an airsoft frame into a working Glock frame. Here's a more detailed discussion of this project. 

Someone suggested that this would be a cheap way of making a Glock carbine instead of permanently converting a real Glock frame.  Either way, I'd be afraid of shooting this!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where's my stuff!?

So since December 24 to January 11, I've ordered some books and gun parts off Amazon and other places.  I haven't received a single order and I submitted a claim with USPS.  Turns out, none of them shipped through USPS and now I look like an idiot.  Furthermore, it seems to be a classic case of retailer incompetence that's causing all the delays.  Things like entering the wrong address on the label or simply not sending the items in question.  I've spent a few hours politely emailing boneheads about my stuff.

I've been ordering stuff on the internet for years and something of this magnitude has never happened to me before.  I mean, I can imagine a jackass like Ciener pulling a fast one like this, or braindeads like Val Forgett staying true to his name and forgetting....

There's really no point to this other than to put keywords into Google's cache.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where is Busta Rhymes's new album!?

I have been waiting patiently for the past eight months in anticipation of Busta Rhymes's sequel to his smash hit 1998 Opus Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front (quite literally the most important album within the past 100 years.) But really, where is it? I mean, Flipmode is the greatest! How can he just disappear?

Since the album is named E.L.E.2, I'm guessing he's withholding the album to coincide with the Mayan calender's end of the world date.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Momentary Diversion: Arts and Crafts

I saw this blog called "Cardboard Armory" while looking for pictures of Mauser Broomhandles on Google Image Search.  Some of them are pretty ghetto but some are pretty neat.  Since I'm already linking to slightly off-topic stuff, I might as well link to an even more cooler youtube user who makes working replica guns entirely of paper. Check out his paper Colt SAA and AK47.  His paper K-98 actually feeds and ejects paper cartridges!