Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheap 9mm Magwell Adapter (plus mini review)

Just a heads up that Sportsman's Guide is selling 9mm Magwell adapters for cheap. It's made by Promag (I know, bad reputation), but it seems just as good as any other plastic magwell adapter that sell for $100-$150.  The ejector, ramp, and bolt hold-open are steel.  It accepts regular 9mm magazines (including modified UZI mags, but those don't have bolt hold-opens).  When I first got it, case mouths were getting caught on the sharp edges, but some minor hand filing fixed that.  One important thing should be noted about this is that it drops from the top of the lower and requires removal (and re-insertion) of the AR-15's bolt hold-open, so don't expect to be switching between calibers too often.  Actually, I don't even use the bolt hold-open, so I just removed it completely so I can switch out uppers quickly if I want.

TL;DR - if you have a spare lower lying around, this is a great way to get started into 9mm AR15s.