Sunday, February 6, 2011


A few days ago I commented how a lot of internet stores seem to be full of incompetents, retards, and otherwise jerks who lack communication skills (like Johnathon Arthur Ciener, for example).  This behavior isn't exclusive to gun parts/custom shops (but of all my troubles, they seem to be the prime source), but mostly on websites that aren't streamlined, or webpages with animated gifs and ghetto HTML code that look like they haven't been updated since the 90's.  I mean, I've had a few bad amazon sellers, too, though.  Oddly enough, of the 400+ things I purchased on eBay since 2004, I never had a seller stiff me on anything.

I was about to leave negative feedback and force a refund through Amazon because I never received my book from a private seller, but then the seller replied to my email and willingly gave me a refund, so I ended up leaving positive feedback.  And the 'Immortal Micunion' cd I ordered from Deep Thinka Records (through Google Checkout, ugh) came in.  I've been looking for this album for nine years!  I first heard of IMU on years ago and that shit was seriously DOPE, son, let me tell you!  DTR45 even threw in some free cds - 'Billy Drease Williams' and 'Catastrophic' albums.  What a swell guy!  I've never heard of these guys but I'll put them on my iPod.  And I got my 7.62x25 bolt from Erie Ordnance Depot after thirty days of silence.  It was like Christmas day!

Now all that's left is SarcoInc.

I've seriously called these assholes, left polite emails, faxes, phone messages and not a single one has been returned.  The times that my calls did get through I was put on hold, forwarded to other people (and forwarded back!), told 'David' was on lunch break (he sure takes a lot of lunch breaks), or just forwarded to an answering machine after waiting thirty minutes.  This is the worst-run business I've ever experienced.  I waited a month for a package that never arrived and I've waited two weeks after sending emails and faxes, now I'm done playing these stupid games.  I just filed a credit card chargeback but I don't know if that'll do any good.  It was $200 worth of stuff and they'll probably want to dispute it.  Hopefully they'll just ignore it like they've been ignoring my calls.  Even if they do notice the chargeback, they'll have to show the tracking number (that they told me themselves that they can't find it) or at the very least, show that it was actually sent.  It wasn't.  They can't even tell me what mail service they used.

If this plan falls through, my only chance of recovering my stuff is to send a letter to all similar addresses in my area code asking if they found such a package.

Update: Well, it's been two weeks since the chargeback.  Obviously Sarco Inc lied, never sent it AND were playing dumb the whole time, trying to weasel 200 bucks from of me.  Either that or they're so poorly run they can't realize $200 just went missing.  I also find it ironic that half the inventory I ordered is conveniently 'temporarily out of stock.'  I guess it was too good to be true - Mauser barrels for ten bucks? Uzi barrels for twenty?  Not likely!  Chances are that they'll 'magically' be restocked in a few months with triple the price.

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