Friday, August 20, 2010

Exploring a haunted house...

So there was this house near my uncle's farm. A haunted house!  The driveway is full of weeds, grass and small trees.  We always drive by it on the way to uncle's house and I guess I never noticed it before.  I looked on Google satellite maps and sure enough there is a house at the end of the driveway.

I asked my cousin about it and was told there once lived two retards.  One was insane (we knew him only as 'bucket', because he shit in a bucket), the other was the less retarded of the two, named Ric.  I actually remember the latter.  He used to mow people's lawns for a living and drive around town on his riding mower.  Around 2006, he had a heart attack.  He and his brother were sent to a nursing home where he died a month later.  Bucket is believed to still be alive.

Middle of nowhere.  Creepy!
A brief history of the house - It was built in the late 1800's and housed a couple of black servants, who worked the farm and one of whom was the nanny of my uncle's older relatives.  They lived and died in that house (rumor has it they haunt the place till this very day!).  In the fifties, a married couple and their two retard sons lived there until around the 1980's.  My uncle says some hippies moved in and they installed electricity and left before the water could be installed.  Sometime in the 90's, the two retards just kind of wandered back and started living there again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ghettofied AK Guiderod Pistol

I had an AMD-65 trunnion with a barrel stub on it that I couldn't remove that came in with a parts kit.  The parts kits are gone now, but you can still pick up an AMD-65 Trunnion with barrel stubs attached at APEXGUNPARTS.  They have about 1-2 inches of rifling.  A few people have successfully built "guiderod pistols" which are just AKs with a really shortened gas piston.  They require you to re-attach the piston to the carrier and turn down the barrel to fit the gas block.  Additionally, you must drill a hole through the piston to accommodate the guiderod (which can be a steel rod or in my case, a chunk of cleaning rod) so that it guides the carrier straight.  I couldn't get the damn bits to drill through the hardened piston, so I went the lazy route and installed it from the back.  It needed a new rear trunnion or something because there's now a spiky rod shooting towards your face when you rack the bolt.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The whole thing was NOT a dream.

I mean, he spun the top two times through out the movie and it toppled over.  And you never remember the beginning of a dream, you always start somewhere in the middle of it.  So how did Cobb wash up on the beach?  Okay, forget that, I don't care.  If the end scene was a dream, we clearly see Cobb waking up on the airplane (how was the Scarecrow awake before Cobb if he was the host, btw?) which would mark the beginning of a dream.

I still love this movie.  To me, it has one of the most memorable soundtracks since "Heat" and "The Good Bad and the Ugly," and I usually can't stand Hans Zimmer.