Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghetto Gewehr, MKII (Part One)

Remember that "VietCong" stock I made for that Gewehr 1888?  That twine loosened up and the pine stock snapped in half when I dropped it.  I happened to have an extra M48 stock laying around and decided to put it to good use!
 Here is a internet photograph of a Yugoslav M48 Mauser.  The stock I had was a deep red color and had a rough, unpolished texture to it.

First, drill the new hole from the other side by aligning the triggerguard to the rear receiver screw hole.

WRONG STEP - I accidently carved out the triggerguard channel too early.  The magazine needed to be closer to the receiver in order to function!
See what I mean? Thirty minutes of hard work wasted!  I knocked out the metal pillar and used a cutoff wheel so it was the same length as a G88 pillar, and placed it back in.  I used a reciprocating saw to chop a large chunk out of the underside of the stock (big mistake! It came out really rough).  I then used a 1/2" drill bit as a ghetto router to rough out the channel.  I used the routing tool on my Dremel to straighten out the sides.  I also shaved off the pistol grip (it looked cool but was uncomfortable to hold).   It looks pretty rough but a belt sander will remedy that soon.
Belt-sanded the rough edges then used a finish remover on the colored parts of the stock because I didn't like the dirty red color.  Apply finish remover, let it sit for six minutes, then scrubbed with the hard steelwool. Do this twice, and if the red finish still doesn't come off completely, apply warm water with a sponge (let it sit for a few minutes) and scrub it out with medium steelwool.   After you dry it down, sand it with medium or light grit sandpaper and you're done.  You can either apply a furniture stain (I will use blond), boiled linseed oil, or coat it with polyurethane, or just leave it as-is (it will get dirty quick if you don't finish it in my opinion).

The magazine wobbles side-to-side since the stock was meant to take a double-stack magazine, but I'm gonna use sheet metal shims to stabilize it.  I think it looks good as long as you don't show the underside and don't let anyone get TOO close a look at it

That's all for now.  Not even close to being done - it still needs a crossbolt, a provision for the forward receiver screw, and sights.  And if you were keeping up with the Portuguese bolthead, I haven't forgotten, I've just been busy with other stuff, but I have a solution!

Also something to ponder - I removed the barrel off a Gewehr 1871 just out of curiousity and was surprised to find it has the same threads-per-inch as the '88!  How about an 1888 in chambered in .41 Mauser?  Actually, the Gewehr 1888 shares TPI with all small ring Mausers... Hmmm... Interesting!  I see Numerich Gunparts is selling 7.62x39 barrels for small ring Mausers.  I believe the '88 action is strong enough to handle it if it can handle Remington 8mm Rifle rounds.  This is something I am interested in doing in a future project.

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