Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alternative AR-15 Uppers

Have an AR15 and tired of the same old M4/M16A3 look?  I saw some mention of side-fed and belt-fed uppers and was surprised to see how many interesting and creative types of upper receiver assemblies are out there.

.50BMG Bolt Action Magazine fed

SHRIKE BeltFed 5.56

X-MG - MG34-based upper (8mm or .308)

12 Gauge Belt-fed MG - Appears to be a dead project, but a neat experiment.

But most interesting is the Prexis side-fed upper in 7.62x25.  It utilizes PPSH-43 magazines, which are cheap and widely available, last I checked.  Even more interesting however,  is the price tag -  the base model is only $285!  I haven't seen any range-reports on it, and the one guy who posted on TheHighRoad appears to be a shill.  The description is pretty vague too.  Does it come with a bolt?  Does it use standard AR15 bolt and gas system?  Does it use a modified PPSH bolt? Direct blowback?

Update: Read the links to their forums on their Ghetto-ass web page.  They look like more shills but at least they have more good information.

...Edited to fix redundancy :P

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