Sunday, January 31, 2010

February ghetto links megapost! (04-Feb-2010 - New Links!)

Here are some links for this month.  I found a bunch of neat gun blogs, projects, and even some forums directly related to ghetto gun-building! Keep an eye on this post, I will be updating this throughout the month so I won't have to make a new post everytime I find a new link.

AK Files Classic Threads - A-kminator's snub nosed AKDon't drill into the chamber! This guy did.  He even fired a few rounds!  He's lucky the screws didn't blow out the side.  Think the barrel is junk? An informative post by Dstorm1911 claims it can be saved. (Updated) Akfiles seems to take their AK-building seriously, so you won't find many interesting builds there, so here are some informative threads: Color-changing heat-treat paint, screws builds and screw strength, heat-treating that pesky ejector.  ...and for fun, here is your weekly AKFiles drama/mall-ninja thread (okay, old thread, but jardhead4life's reply is hilarious!).

Free Market Fairy Tales is an interesting guns 'n politics blog from the UK.  I didn't think they had hillbilly's over there, but there ya go.  Check out their firearms section. I don't know why I've never seen this place before, but it's brilliant!  Check out their Home Builds section.  This is an excellent resource for Ghettosmiths.  There are too many great threads to list individually, so this is only a small sample, but check out the wooden AR15 lower, another made from plastic cutting board, underhammer smoothbore, AK-47 in 9mm using Suomi Drums, cool-looking AK hybrids, home-made .22 bolt action.  Not to mention the numerous tube guns made with AR and AK FCGs. build forums - I never liked, mostly because people keep linking to it and you need to register to look at posts.  I haven't had time to to read through the Build section yet, however the first AK-7.62 Tokarev and Belt-fed hybrids can be traced back to this place, so there must be good stuff here. - An alternative to Weaponeer (yes, I've had this on my links page for a while but never introduced it, so here it is).  Seems to have more professional-looking projects too.  Topics of interest include: A SMLE semi-automatic conversion, break-action rifle, scratch-built liberator, ghetto'er-than-hell 9mm AK, a tastefully done AK-Tokarev

Homegunsmith - I finally took the time to look through it, but only made it to page 8 out of ~96.  Most of this stuff is mill/lathe work, but fun stuff to read and more ideas for the aspiring ghetto-builder.  Scratch-built bolt action .45ACP, muzzle-loading AR, AR-15 Magwell (useful if you want to bubba your Saiga/Galil to take Stanag Magazines), Colt Walker from scratch, Suomi drum to Sten conversion (This gives me an idea for a Suomi drum to Hi-point conversion!)  I

Also check out these pictures of improvised firearms built in the third world. Lots of neat pictures here.

Update (02/02/10)
  • I have been informed by a source that Gary "Weaponeer" Grahm is a swindler and a wanker and should not be trusted with your money.  Just a warning.
  • Apparently FMFT blog has stopped operating since I posted the link (Just a coincidence!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alternative AR-15 Uppers

Have an AR15 and tired of the same old M4/M16A3 look?  I saw some mention of side-fed and belt-fed uppers and was surprised to see how many interesting and creative types of upper receiver assemblies are out there.

.50BMG Bolt Action Magazine fed

SHRIKE BeltFed 5.56

X-MG - MG34-based upper (8mm or .308)

12 Gauge Belt-fed MG - Appears to be a dead project, but a neat experiment.

But most interesting is the Prexis side-fed upper in 7.62x25.  It utilizes PPSH-43 magazines, which are cheap and widely available, last I checked.  Even more interesting however,  is the price tag -  the base model is only $285!  I haven't seen any range-reports on it, and the one guy who posted on TheHighRoad appears to be a shill.  The description is pretty vague too.  Does it come with a bolt?  Does it use standard AR15 bolt and gas system?  Does it use a modified PPSH bolt? Direct blowback?

Update: Read the links to their forums on their Ghetto-ass web page.  They look like more shills but at least they have more good information.

...Edited to fix redundancy :P