Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photos - $250 Mauser Broomhandles!

There was this company on AuctionArms called OysterBay Industries (their screen name was OBI or something), apparently years ago they were an importer of Broomhandles and they made detachable magazines for Broomhandles (and modified their frames).  I bought this one for $250.  It looked okay in the pictures, but was worse in person.  I still think it's shootable, though!

  I began by removing the grips.  They were crusty and disintegrated immediately.  The grip frame was pretty nasty with heavy pitting.  I'm surprised how thin they are.  I feel like they would break off if I dropped the gun.  Actually that would be kinda neat if I could replace the grips with an AR-15 pistol grip.  Next I stripped the 'upper' from the grip frame (the barrel and upper receiver are actually one piece and cannot be separated)  I didn't wanna take apart the fire control group just yet, because I was afraid they would break or I'd loose some pieces.  I let the metal parts soak in brake cleaner for a few days.

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