Monday, June 22, 2009

AK Final Update

I should point out that since my last update, I did not document the remaining steps required in building this.  Particularly, the hardening of the steel and attaching the barrel and the components together (the most difficult part in my opinion).  I used this as a guide and it should be pretty straight forward.

I guess I'm done with this.  After having it headspace checked, I bolted everything on with some screws and added some JB Weld to keep them from backing out.  The rails are also bolted on (three 6-32 screws each).  I ground the bolts as flat as I could so I could add the safety lever.  I did not use the short screws that came with the Tapco kit on the cross-bolt because I believe that a single 1.5" machine screw (trimmed of course) across the width of the reciever will hold better.  The same with the rear trunnion.    I finished the receiver with a coat of flat black Krylon.  I ordered a UTG m70 "Tactical" handguard from Centerfire systems.  I couldn't find any wooden ones anywhere, and plus I needed a weapon to tack on this box of tactical crap I've acquired over the year.